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Wonderful’s Foreigner Adventures features tips and a deeper look at the most common questions we have received.  With over 150,000 requests made by expats and tourists over the years there’s bound to some interesting stories to tell.  Korea is a bit weird if you’re not from here, so we explain how things work.

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This site shares the sights, sounds and spaces that writer and photographer Hallie Bradley has uncovered in Korea as well as where her multicultural family has traveled. www.thesoulofseoul.net 

A blog by Wendy Flor featuring her travels and exploration of culture and family fun things to do in Korea. www.wendyflor.com

A blog by Samantha, your average city girl on the road to living out her wildest travel dreams. Currently back in her home country of Canada, after two years of living & teaching in South Korea she shares her explorations of this beautiful world, bringing you tips & inspiration to create your own travel memories... one city at a time. www.expatandthecityblog.com

A blog by Sharon Couzens Helewa who has been involved in the birthing community in Korea since February 2013. She shares lots of helpful information about child birthing, breastfeeding, newborn care and parenting in South Korea. www.tenderembracebirthing.blogspot.kr

Combining photography and blogging, Seoulinspired provides a unique view of the amazing city of Seoul. If you want to see the hidden side of Seoul, and hear the honest opinions of a student studying here, this is the blog for you. Https://seoulinspired.com 



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