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"Join the best foreigner support ecosystem in Korea!"


Wonderful works with valuable businesses that have reliably served the foreigner community in Korea to provide great value to our clients. Get great discounts as a Wonderful client, or as a client of one of our partners and discover the best ecosystem of services that are essential for foreigners living or traveling to Korea.

Shuttle Delivery

Shuttle Delivery is a fully bilingual service providing deliveries from a variety of Korea's best restaurants, so you can enjoy the best food in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you happen to be! Wonderful clients with deposits can become a Shuttle VIP customer.


- Active Wonderful clients can become a Shuttle VIP Customer.
- Shuttle VIP Customers get one free delivery fee every month (4,000 KRW value)

- Delivery Fee rebate of 10% credited to your Shuttle account for all delivery fees paid during your status as a VIP customer. For example, you paid 250,000 KRW in delivery 25,000 KRW (10% of delivery fees). You can use the credit any way you’d like.

A free delivery on your birthday every year (4,000 KRW value)

Free delivery fees on orders over 100,000 KRW
- Current Shuttle VIP Customers get a 25% discount for their first deposit with Wonderful and a 5% discount on any additional time deposits.

- Invites to Shuttle customer appreciation events

- 10% discount on Create Wellness Center’s single session massage, chiropractic or other rehabilitation services prices. Shuttle VIP’s should show CWC’s receptionist VIP status.

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Dongnae_symbol_eng_main-red (3).png

Dongnae is a low deposit residential property management company that is growing the residential real estate market by introducing the best way to rent to those living in the Seoul metropolitan area. Dongnae is set to improve the lives of renters, homeowners, and brokers in Korea by providing homes people want to live in and upgrading their lifestyle. 


- Dongnae Referred clients get a 25% discount code when signing up with Wonderful.
- Dongnae Clients can make additional time deposits at 5% whenever they top up.


Create Wellness Center (Seoul / Pyeongtaek)

One of the best wellness centers serving the English speaking community in Seoul and Pyeongtaek.



- Wonderful Clients get a 10% discount on Create Wellness Center’s single session massage, chiropractic or other rehabilitation services prices.

SK tradmark2.png

STYLE KONSULT is an image and lifestyle consulting agency providing total style solutions for men including image consulting, personal shopping and custom-tailoring. The company is focused on helping men achieve the best versions of themselves through head-to-toe transformations. ( Also offers consultation for women ) Available in English and Korean.

Benefits: - STYLE KONSULT clients get a 2-hour complimentary service with Wonderful when they have any paid consultation. It applies to both new and current Wonderful clients.

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