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Top 10 Most Luxurious Glamping Sites in Korea

Many of us know that Spring is the best time to explore South Korea, with perfect weather, colorful flowers, and green nature that would be ideal for outdoor activities. However, with COVID, travel options have become more restricted, with travelers opting for more solitary travel options where you can be separated form other travelers, reducing the chances of spreading infection. One trend that has increased from this recent change is glamping and camping. Families are looking for places where they can safely get away from the city to enjoy spring while still keeping your distance and being safe. Therefore, based on our past requests, Wonderful has complied a list of the 10 most glamorous glamping sites in Korea for you to consider on your next trip. We are always available to help with booking and planning your trip, saving you time to do the things you love.


Located in the Gapyeong-Gangwon-do picturesque forest setting, this place provides a relaxing environment away from city life.

For those looking for a place not too far from Seoul, this place might be what you are looking for. With a beautiful pool and amazing tents, this place offers a quick getaway location for you and your family.

3. Club Lespia (Namyangju)

Club Lespia has many branches, but the one that made it to our top 3 list is the branch located in Namyang-ju. Just about 45km from Jamsil, this place is definitely worth the visit for the beautiful scenery with mountains and forests.

If you need to really go away from the city, then this place might work for you. Located way down south in Bito Island, you get the ocean surrounding you on all sides, with beautiful sunrises and less air pollution.

This place offers more leisure sport activities then most other glamping spaces, from surfing, watersports and climbing. If you have a family with itchy feet, then this might work best for you.

Located in the middle of the beautiful Janggun-bong rock mountain near Daejeon, this glamping place is a hikers 'dream' 😊

This is luxurious glamping ground is hidden in the middle of a dense forest, where you can hear birds singing, river sounds and the wind blowing down the mountain in the background.

It might be worth visiting this place to lie on the hammocks while staring at the night sky, full of starts that you do not get to see in the city. The place is located on the Jebudo Island so it is definitely a journey.

Surrounded by the green forest, this place a big pool to help keep you cool during the hotter summer months.

10. Arena

With a beautiful view of Hongcheon River in Gangwon - these homely glamping tents give you a feeling of home away from home, but with nature around you.

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