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Travel to Korea | Ulleungdo Island Travel Guide with Wonderful

Whether you are living a busy life in the city or are a tourist visiting to experience Korea, taking a few days trip to the Islands of Ulleungdo and Dokdo is both rejuvenating and exciting. Far away from the busy streets, glaring lights and crowds, devoid of all the noise and hustle and bustle, Ulleungdo gives you a peaceful respite with its beautiful scenery and the breath of fresh ocean air.

beautiful golden ulleungdo sunset

You can take a walk along the seaside and enjoy the golden sunset and the breathtaking mountain scenery, take a ferry trip around the island, dive into the ocean or walk along the Haengnam Coastal Path.

Ulleungdo Island travel guide view
View from the Manghyangbong Dokdo Observatory

ulleungdo travel tour around island
Haengnam Coastal Path

If you feel like it, you can work your muscles by climbing up the Bongnae waterfall or get on a cable car ride to Dokdo observatory and capture a panoramic view of the Ulleungdo Island.

You can also visit the Nari basin, a volcanic depression, with traditional Korean houses and medicinal plants.

ulleungdo travel beautiful scenery
Bongnae Waterfall

Beautiful Ulleungdo Travel Guide
Nari Basin

The islands of Ulluengdo and Dokdo in the east coast of Korea give you a very unique experience of Korean island life. Wonderful can help you plan and book your trip to Ulleungdo. If you have a day to spare, we would also suggest taking a trip to the famous Dokdo island.

The islands are only accessible by ferry, so interested parties need to travel through ports at Gangneung, Pohang or Hupo. It is about a 3-hour journey and the ferries start every morning from these ports to Ullengdo and leave the island for the mainland in the afternoons. Please be reminded that due to the unpredictable nature of weather, ferries can be cancelled at anytime, though the tickets would be fully refunded.

The island has an array of lodging choices which includes resorts with sea view rooms, hotels to regular motels and pension houses.

Travel to Dokdo

Dokdo is about 80 km away from the main Ullengdo Island. If you want to venture out into the Dokdo, you can take a ferry from the Dodong or Sadong ferry terminal and a two-way trip takes about 4 hours.

Make the most of this wonderful spring season. We are here to help you plan your trip.

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