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Need Help Booking KTX Tickets?

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Having a virtual personal assistant that is bilingual can help you save time and also access Korea more like a local. We know it can be difficult overcoming cultural and language barriers in Korea sometimes. Simple tasks can turn into complicated and time-consuming challenges. Wonderful can help!

Recently there has been a lot of controversy about Korail's decision to prioritize Korean customers during the Seollal holiday, which falls right in the middle of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. Korail released train tickets to their Korean-language website on January 16 starting at 6am, putting non-Korean speakers at a 10-hour disadvantage in an already competitive purchasing process. Foreigners who could not speak Korean could access the English language site only after 4pm. Of course many train tickets sold out within the first hour of release.

Fortunately for those who found Wonderful, we were able to help them by getting up early to assist our clients in getting KTX tickets. This was for travel between the dates February 14 to 18 to all locations including Pyeongchang and Gangneung.

If you still don't have a way to get to the Olympic games, don't worry... Wonderful can add you to the KTX waitlist site and also look for buses and private car services. We can also help you find accommodations in case you're interested in staying a bit longer to enjoy all the festivities in the area.

Wonderful's membership-based service is like having your own personal secretary or best friend... our goal is to help you save time so you can enjoy Korea to it's fullest. For more information about our highly-educated bilingual assistants or service visit or send us a message.

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