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Transitioning and incentivizing expat employees in Korea is difficult. Corporates have to invest a lot of time and money making sure foreign employees and their families settle in well in Korea.


Most of the time, companies have to hire staff to be on standby to help expat families with requests such as shopping, school registration, housing and basic translation, etc.


However, even with this kind of support, most foreigners still face many issues while living in

Korea. Most expats would like a smooth transition and to live comfortably, as they would back home, but due to the language barrier, complexity of Korean life and a difference in culture, most of them find the support they currently get to be inadequate.

Customized Corporate Support

With over 3 years of experience in assisting expats and travellers, Wonderful offers the ideal solution for corporations looking to hire and retain expat talent. 

We offer a customized corporate package, where companies purchase time for their employees according to their employees needs.

With simplified pricing and quality customer service, Wonderful offers a powerful incentive for your employees to stay and thrive. We free up

their time so they can focus on the things they love the most.

Want to know more?

Reach us today at admin@gowonderfully.com to learn more about what we can do for your company.

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