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Our team is staffed with highly educated bilingual assistants. They are trained to provide excellent customer service and many are expats themselves so they have first hand experience of what it’s like to be a foreigner in Korea. Being the intermediary between local businesses and customers has its challenges and our agents are always trying their best to be advocates for our customers.

Image of a stopwatch for the travel lite package

Travel Lite Package

(For single/short requests)

  • 2000 KRW per minute.

  • Minimum deposit of 1.5 hours at 180,000 KRW

  • No discounts available

  • Time automatically scheduled for refund after 1 month (you can top up time to extend)


thumbs up image for wonderful package

Wonderful Package

(Recommended Rate for most users)

  • 1500 KRW per minute.

  • Minimum deposit of 4 hours at 360,000 KRW

  • 5% discount for first time users

  • Time automatically scheduled for refund after 3 months (you can top up time to extend)

shiled image for super wonderful for heavy users

Super Wonderful Package

(For heavy users)

  • 1250 KRW per minute.

  • Minimum deposit of 8 hours at 600,000 KRW

  • No additional discount available

  • Time is non-refundable and will be forfeited after 3 months

to get a
5% Discount
for first time clients
nly 1425 krw/Minute

limited time only

Wonderful saves you time, image of a piggy bank

Deposit Time into Your Account

Create an account with Wonderful and deposit time to begin using our service. Our assistants work by the minute. Depending on the package you choose, you can ask for a refund for any unused time, or have it refunded automatically at the end of the validity period. You may also request a limit on time for each request to manage time and cost.

Image of a wonderful agent being helpful

Make Your Request

Ask your bilingual assistant for support on anything (legal and realistic of course). Whether you need help ordering dinner, flowers, groceries, researching or calling local businesses, translations, planning a trip, we will try our best to support.

get your cashback when using Wonderful

Cancel Anytime

Pay only for the time you need, you may cancel anytime and request a refund of your remaining balance. For 'Travel Lite' and 'Wonderful Package' users, the balance will be automatically refunded, if not extended. You will not lose your deposit. *

refer a friend to get Wonderfuls Discount

Friend Referral Program

Get a 5% discount on your next time deposit, for any friend you refer to Wonderful.

Your friend only has to input your name as a referral when creating an account and use the service for more than 30 minutes. Please message us for further details on our referral program.

*Old rates and terms of service still apply to clients with active deposits during the price change until they switch to the new pricing plans.

Credit/Debit Card Processing Fees

For your convenience we accept almost all foreign credit/debit cards and use Stripe to process transactional payments so you don't have to worry about complicated Korean banking systems. We also now support Paypal, a widely used payment system, giving you more choice when it comes to making payments with us. There is an 8.5% aggregated fee to cover credit/debit card processing and currency exchange fees assessed to us.

We are a time-based service which means we do not make profit from your purchases. To avoid and minimize this fee, we recommend paying on-site when possible (like for food delivery orders) or making payments via Korean bank transfer or Wise.

Payment Methods We Support : 


How Do You Calculate the Service Time

At the end of each task we will provide an itemized summary of time and costs. We strive to provide transparency and support for all your needs. You may request to set a limit on time for each request to manage time and costOur assistants are paid hourly wages and benefits commensurate to their bilingual talents and ability to provide professional service. While they may seem like miracle workers sometimes, please note our assistants cannot control the weather, how third party vendors perform, or other impossible stuff that you couldn't eventually figure out on your own. Please note that requests handled outside regular work hours are charged at 2x the regular rate, unless specified otherwise by your assistant.

Time Charged

  • Chatting with you about your request.

  • Researching your request on the internet.

  • Communication via phone and messaging with businesses, service providers, delivery men, and others regarding your request.

  • Drafting reports and detailed responses for your request.

  • Troubleshooting when something unexpected happens. Although we try our best to make good recommendations, we cannot guarantee 3rd party products or services.

  • Translations, interpretations, quick questions.

Time NOT Charged

  • When we are not working on your request.

  • Extended time waiting for responses from you, like if you need to say "I'll get back to you later" on something.

  • Extended time waiting for responses from businesses, service providers, delivery men, and others unless we are on hold on the phone.

  • Waiting for payments from you or others.

  • Technical difficulties that are not related to your request.

  • Explaining how our service works.

  • Fixing something we did wrong and is completely our fault.

  • Lunch breaks and when we are closed.

How much Time Do things Take?

We've been doing this for nine years and have a pretty good sense of how much time things take to get done in Korea. We also know that they can often take longer than most people think. Sometimes we can't control the need for troubleshooting with businesses, vendors and delivery drivers. Sometimes our clients can be a bit indecisive or like to change their minds, this part we know you can control. We make every effort to be quick, accurate and keep you informed when things take longer than usual.

These are just rough estimates on average processing times for requests to give you an idea of what to expect. The more we work with you and similar vendors, the faster we can get which is a great benefit for clients that use us often.

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