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Travel to Korea | How to Travel to Greece without Ever Leaving Korea

Santorini is a dreamscape of iconic blue roof tops over white structures, glistening crystal water, white sandy beaches and peaceful tranquility... but you don't have to travel 20 hours to get there from Korea. On the east coast of the peninsula you can find a Mediterranean wonder that was designed with Greek architectural aesthetics right next to a private beach. Just a little over three hours from Seoul, Samcheok it's a great weekend getaway that offers tons of activities such as a waterpark, beautiful restaurants, of course beach time, and the opportunity to explore the largest limestone cave in Asia.

Santorini Greece in Korea

The Sol Beach Hotel & Resort in Samcheok has plenty of places to relax with cabanas located all throughout the central courtyard that overlook a clear blue ocean. You can rent these cabanas in advance by the hour to reserve the best spots.

But perhaps the most fun part of the resort is Aquaworld which is the waterpark within the hotel that has a sauna, indoor and outdoor pools. Great for all ages, there are waterslides, waterfalls, a tubing river with a rapid torrent, shallow pools and playgrounds for little ones, and a gorgeous infinity pool. Entrance fees for the waterpark vary depending on season and the type of access you want to have. You can visit Aquaworld even if you are not staying at the resort.

best water park in korea, samcheok

The resort has more than 700 rooms and many of them with ocean views. The most family friendly rooms have bunkbeds that are in the shape of little boats that match the Greek island theme. Look how cute this is! Your little pirates will surely have a blast making up bedtime stories of getting stranded ashore on an exotic island and dreaming of lost treasures.

cute room with boat bunkbeds for kids in korea

There are many dining options and restaurants within the resort. We recommend making reservations in advance especially during the busier seasons since they will likely be booked solid. Our favorite place, simply because it's so cute and makes you feel like you're in Greece is Mamathira. It's a fine dining restaurant with 270 degree views of the ocean. You'll find a decent wine selection, lobster, sirloin steak, and other fresh seafood on their menu.

While you're in Samcheok, it might be worth your while to visit the largest limestone cave in Asia. The Hwanseongul Cave was formed an estimated 530 million years ago. Check out Zannahinkorea for some awesome photos during her visit with friends. You'll find stalagmites, stalactites, and other interesting rocks of various shapes. There have been 47 new breeds of animals discovered in Hwanseongul Cave, with four of these being found to only live in this cave. In April 2010, a monorail was installed within the cave to make it more convenient for people to see all this natural habitat has to offer.

Hawseongul Cave Korea

Often times, foreigners have challenges researching local accommodations and also coordinating transportation due to language difficulties in Korea. Wonderful's bilingual personal assistants can help with a variety of tasks and answer any questions you might have. Just send a message and chat instantly with an assistant that can help with reservations and transportation. Be sure to finalize your summer vacation plans soon to secure the best rates and locations.

Please note, Wonderful does NOT take commissions from resorts or other travel companies. We believe in being our client's advocate and are dedicated to helping expats and travelers enjoy the best Korea has to offer. Have fun, hassle free!

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