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1. Who is taking my request?

Our team is staffed with highly educated bilingual assistants. They are trained to provide excellent customer service and many are expats themselves so they have first hand experience of what it’s like to be a foreigner in Korea. Being the intermediary between local businesses and customers has its challenges and our agents are always trying their best to be advocates for our customers, so please be kind to them.


2. Do I have to get a membership to use Wonderful?

Nope. There are no commitments, no monthly fees, no transaction fees, and you only pay for the time you use. For 'Travel Lite' and 'Wonderful Package' users, the balance will be automatically refunded, if not extended. You will not lose your deposit. We are a time-based service and charge per minute for as low as 1250 KRW for the 'Super Wonderful Package'.

3. Can you help me find the cheapest price for products and services?

We try our best to provide the most reasonable options for products and services based on value, quality and market rate. We are not resellers nor do we hold inventory on any items so we cannot guarantee 3rd party products or services.  Wonderful is your advocate and we do not have exclusive partnerships so if there is a business you would prefer to work with, we are happy to support.

4. How does your payment system work?

Wonderful offers the easiest payment processing system in Korea. We accept most international credit cards and you don’t need to download anything. We will always ask for your approval before processing payments. Once a credit card transaction is completed, you will receive an e-receipt to confirm your purchase. An 8.5% credit card and currency conversion fee is assessed to help cover the costs of offering this payment system. To avoid or minimize these fees, you may also transfer payments to us from a Korean bank, Wise or pay onsite when possible.

5. Will you remember my previous orders?

The best part of having a personal assistant is the more often you use our service, the easier and faster things get as we get to know you better. We try our best to remember your preferences to provide a very personalized experience.

6. What kinds of requests do you get most often?

As a lifestyle service provider, we receive a lot of interesting requests. Since it’s a very customized experience, we have discovered many seasonal trends. Tourists often like tickets to popular shows, flights, accommodations and tours. Expats want household chores done, entertainment, gifts, translation work and sometimes, some really odd ball stuff too. Wonderful is discreet and your privacy is important to us so unless you want to share, our conversations are confidential.

7. Can you help me find rare and hard to find items?

If it exists on earth, we leave no stone unturned to find what you’re looking for.  Please note, for really strange, complicated or time consuming requests the only limitation is time and price. We love a challenge.

8. Do you offer translation services?

We are happy to coordinate document translations, notary, apostille and other official interpretation services. If you are looking for simple live interpretation services, we recommend BBB Korea which is a free 24-hour hotline phone interpretation service should you need to communicate directly with a service provider. Please dial 1588-5644 to reach a volunteer interpreter.

9. What is your phone number?

We are a virtual chatting service so we only take requests via Facebook Messenger, Kakao Talk or email.  This is to ensure efficiency and accuracy of communication. We only call our customers on the phone in case of emergency. ​

10. Can you help me if I don’t live in Korea?

Yes! A good number of our customers are actually from outside of Korea.  We can help coordinate your future visit or send gifts to loved ones. Just message us to get started.

11. Can you help me with exchanges and refunds for products and services?

Absolutely, we are happy to help with troubleshooting and serve as your advocate. Our assistants can research refund and exchange policies for you, talk to businesses to negotiate exceptions, and even voice complaints as necessary. We cannot guarantee the outcome however since it's ultimately up to the business, but often times being able to explain a situation in Korean can provide a higher chance of understanding and acceptance.

12. Will I be refunded credit card processing fees if I return or cancel a purchase?

Yes, we make no profit from your purchases so if these fees are refunded to us, you get them back also. Since we are a time-based service, you only pay for the time it takes to reverse and troubleshoot the transaction.

14. How do I get a refund on the remaining balance of unused time in my account?

Just simply ask. For 'Travel Lite' and 'Wonderful Package' users, our assistants will process the refund within 1 week. If you are planning to use our service again soon, we recommend topping up to keep the funds in your account. This will guarantee priority in handling your requests since we only accept a certain amount of users/requests at a given time.

15. I love your service, can I leave you a good review somewhere?

We are so grateful for your positive feedback and desire to share our service with others. The best places to leave a review are on any foreigner/traveler group or thread. Posting tips or advice on Reddit, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or comments in travel blogs would be amazing. We'd love you forever for your support and kindness.

16. Were you called Ask Ajumma before?

Yes, we changed our name a million years ago! We have aspirations to take our service to other countries so we changed it. We love ajummas, but it's very specifically Korean. If you loved that name and our service from before, it's the same team servicing you. We've been doing this for more than 9 years now and we're still trying to perfect on-demand personal assistant services for expats and travelers. Wonderful may seem very generic and yeah we know it's not great for SEO, but we like it and our whole goal is to provide you with a wonderful experience - that's more important to us than anything else.

17. Can we chat in Korean?

While our assistants are fully bilingual, they only respond in English for now. Our service is dedicated to helping expats and foreign travelers in Korea. We realize that even people that speak Korean could use our help to save time so we don't discriminate... anyone of any race, religion, and preference may use our service, but for the sake of efficiency you have to talk to us in English. Thanks for understanding.

18. Why can't I get a refund on the time spent?

There are no refunds on time Wonderful spends and we do not accepts requests for free work. Using Wonderful is like hiring an employee. You may terminate your use at any time; however Wonderful cannot spend time working for free. Similar to the employee analogy, if you ask your employee to make a correction to something they are working on, you will pay the employee for their time.

19. Can you give me immigration, legal or medical advice? 

We would be happy to find and connect you to English speaking attorneys, certified consultants and medical providers if you need this kind of support. While our team consists of highly educated assistants they are not certified or equipped to provide specialized counseling. Any recommendations or advice we provide is based on simple interpretations of general information we find on websites or through speaking to local businesses and other organizations.

20. Are you open during holidays?

We are closed during 'red days' which are major holidays in Korea, for example Chuseok, Seollal, Christmas, New Years, Labor Day and a few more. Since many businesses in Korea are closed during these important holidays, it's important to keep in mind there can be delays with deliveries. Please make your requests as early as possible especially if you are trying to have gifts delivered. During the holidays we do have on-call staff available in case of emergencies.

Have more questions? Just send us a message via Facebook, Kakao or Email.

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