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Wow! Incredible and the most professional service received by my family in the ROK. Within 24 hours their faulty boiler and ondol heating system were checked out. The service man diagnosed that the Kiturami console was malfunctioning and it needed to be replaced. AskAjumma (now Wonderful) assisted from the moment the query was logged and throughout the repair process. A huge thank-you to the AskAjumma team! My family highly recommend AskAjumma to any and all.


Ask Ajumma (now Wonderful) helped myself and two friends book ferry tickets to Ulleungdo, as well as to Dokdo. They were helpful in answering all my questions and also provided assistance during our trip. For 3 days in a row, our ferry back to the mainland was cancelled. We felt helpless and stranded on the island. However, Ask Ajumma (now Wonderful) was SO supportive and helpful. They made many phone calls to all of the ferry companies and kept me updated in a timely manner. They were able to refund tickets, and tell us where to go to buy new tickets. They are even able to help book additional hotel nights if needed. I am very limited in speaking and reading Korean, but they were able to get updates on ferry times and locations for us. If you are planning on going to Ulleungdo (and Dokdo even) I highly recommend Ask Ajumma (now Wonderful) when booking your tickets- especially if you are planning the trip yourself. They will update you if your ferry is late or cancelled, and help you to book a new one as needed. We were really stressed and worried about missing a friend's flight on the mainland, but we made it back in time! Ask Ajumma (now Wonderful) was SO supportive and encouraging. They definitely went above and beyond their concierge duty. Thank you again. * Below is a picture of a look-out in Taeha-ri on Ulleungdo where we watched the sunset*


"This morning I woke up to the terrible reality that a pipe had broken in the bathroom sink. I contacted Ask Ajuma (now Wonderful) and within minutes they responded to my message. They contacted a plumber in my area and after asking me to send them photos of the damages they quoted me a price for the service and set up the appointment. The plumber arrived on time, did the work effectively, cleaned up and charged me the price quoted through the Ask Ajuma (now Wonderful) rep. I am extremely grateful to Ask Ajuma (now Wonderful) because in times of stress they have always been able to help me solve the unexpected problems I have faced in Korea. Pretty awesome customer service and always reliable. Thanks guys!


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