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Living in Korea | 8 Services Expats Need to Prepare for Summer in Korea

Expats beware, summer is coming and it’s going to be a hot one! We’ve listed our top 8 service requests to help you make the best of it, especially if you’re not used to sweating through these hot spicy Korean summers.

House repair in Korea, handyman repair in Seoul

Here are the best ways Wonderful's bilingual personal assistants are helping expats in Korea prepare to stay cool and enjoying the hottest months of the year.

1. Air Conditioner Repair and Cleaning

Get your air conditioner serviced now before the summer rush. If it’s not blowing cool enough, you’ll want to get it checked for leaks or maybe top off the coolant. If you haven’t had it cleaned in a while we highly recommend it. Remember that yellow disgusting dust? It’s probably sleeping in your air conditioner right now. The filter should either be replaced or flushed regularly. It’s especially important if you’ve had mold problems or are asthmatic.

Air conditioner repair and cleaning

2. Exterminator

When the weather gets too hot outside, your home is the perfect place for little many-legged critters to hang out and stay cool. Cockroaches, ants, termites, silverfish, rodents, and other unidentifiable bugs can be a real problem if you don’t take care of it quickly. It’s amazing how fast they can reproduce and infest an older home. If you’ve noticed any creepy crawlies walking by your cereal box, don’t wait, You need an exterminator right now.


3. Good Housekeeping

Nothing is more satisfying than walking into a freshly cleaned home. It’s also a good way to keep the critters outside when all the cookie crumbs are swept up and counters wiped down. You can easily get your house chores out of the way and give yourself some more time to enjoy all those great summer outdoor activities. Don’t stay home when you don’t have to. There are so many amazing travel adventures, concerts and activities you shouldn’t miss because you have too much laundry to do.

cleaning services

4. Plumbing

Have you ever realized the water demands tend to rise during summertime? Of course, with plenty of outdoor activities, multiple showers on a sweaty day, and a load of laundry, it follows that the demand increases as well. If you need help with household plumbing issues, low water pressure, boiler repair issues, pipe leakages, Wonderful would be glad to find services that can have them resolved asap, saving you from an unnecessarily sweaty summer 😄


5. Electrical Repair

A tripped breaker is one of the common problems that happened in the summer due to overused AC or air purifier using up too much power. Add to that, you might want to repair the outside lights in your garden or in your house if you are planning to entertain guests. Wonderful can get a professional electrical to visit and finish all and any repair that need to be done. For specialized goods such as AC/Air purifier, we can get the official repair service to visit you, or even check with a third party service if you need a quicker option. Eitherway, we have your back!

electrical repair

6. Mold Removal

Increased rain and humidity in the summer tends to result in black mold growing inside the house especially in Korea. It can be a nightmare for many who have just moved to the country, as it is difficult to remove and unsightly. Additionally, if you do not take caution, it can lead to serious health concerns and constant colds. Wonderful can get professional mold exterminators to visit your home and get rid of mold infestations, including those in the wallpaper. If you just need consultation from a professional so you can discuss with your landlord, we can help arrange for that as well.

Mold inspection

7. Car Services

Planning to hit a road on summer vacation? It is definitely a good ide to make sure you have your car’s fluids, engine, tire and AC checked out and service. Going on a long trip with constant car troubles is definitely not exciting. Wonderful can help look for a service repair shop nearby that can help with any car issues you have, including changing a tire or basic servicing as well as overall maintenance. We can check with official repair shops as well as other options if you like.

car services

8. Moving

Find that perfect apartment and let us take care of the boxes. No really, don’t sweat it. There’s nothing worse than trying to force your friends to help you carry that couch to your new place in the heat of the day. Instead, take that time to plan the coolest housewarming party ever.


If you don’t speak Korean or don't have a lot of time on your hands, Wonderful's bilingual personal assistants can help coordinate these services for you. Our personal assistants are dedicated to helping expats and tourists in Korea. Just send a message and chat instantly with a live assistant who will take the time to provide all the information you need before moving forward.

If interested in our service, you can reach us on Facebook, Kakao Talk or Email.

Corporate program is available for companies with expat employees. For more information on this please email us. Regarding our pricing, we charge for the time taken working on your request by the minute, for as low as 1250 KRW per minute, depending on your preferred pricing package. There are NO processing fees when you pay us via bank wire transfer. (You will pay only the cost of the item(s)). When we charge your bank card, there is an 8.5% processing fee that goes to the payment processor for their services. We do NOT benefit from this fee. For more information regarding our pricing, please follow this link.

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