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Top 10 Most Private luxury pensions in Korea

Updated: Mar 31


Now that Korea has relaxed many of its COVID-related restrictions, many travelers have itchy feet to get out and explore! Whether you are a tourist visiting Korea or a local resident looking to have a local vacation, check out this list of travel lodging ideas in Korea. Wonderful would like to share a list of the top 10 most private luxury pensions in Korea, for those looking for safe places to stay with their families this summer. We tried to focus our list on relatively unknown but accessible luxury pensions that can be traveled to via car/train from the mainland, so there will not be any island options on the list. However, we will be making multiple pension comparison lists so remember to subscribe to our blog to get updates. Also, Wonderful can help with your trip planning by researching on parks/venues that are open, making reservations for museums on your behalf, booking rooms at Pensions, buying tickets (train/bus/etc.) and much more. Travel safely with Wonderful's help. Feel free to send a message for more information.

1. The Lake & Garden pension

Pension with large grass lawn in front and trees around it.

Located in a picturesque setting by a lake in Gangwon-do, this place seems to provide the get away for those looking for a peaceful retreat. With beautiful decor and a breathtaking garden, you can feel at ease just by looking at the pictures of this pension.

2. Story Pension

A getaway pension also located in Gangwon-do and surrounded by lush forests, keeps you away from city life without having to travel too far. There is a pool with a great view to keep you cool during the summer. Definitely worth visiting.

3. Zermatt Pension

Also located in Gangwon-do, this pension is surrounded by forested hills, giving you a great view while being hidden away in nature. There is also a river nearby that you can visit during your stay.

4. Garden of Narsha

This pension is located in Gyeonggi-do. The designers of this place did their best to blend the design of the pension with the surrounding forests. With wide open windows giving a beautiful view of your surrounding, its a great place to feel one with nature.

5. Top Cloud Pension

Built on a slope overlooking a beautiful valley in Gapyeong. With an outside pool to keep you cool, you can have a lazy weekend on the porch while breathing the fresh country summer air.

6. Hi-Class Namhae White 2.1 [currently remodeling]

Unlike the other options so far, this pension is waaay down south in Namhae, overlooking the ocean from beautifully designed buildings. You can wake up to the most beautiful sunset, while swimming in your private pool. There is an additional hot tub just to top things off.

7. Jijoonghae

This pension is a group of beautiful terraced stand alone houses on a gentle slope in Yangyang. Each unit has a pool and a hot tub with beautiful interior decor. You can enjoy the view of rolling hills in the distance as you wake up and prepare for a dip.

8. U Retreat

Built like a utopian resort, this pension is really unique for its refined architecture and decor. With wide open windows and beautiful forest views, it is the perfect hideaway spot in Gangwon-do province.

9. B612 Pension

This pension is near Sokcho though far enough from the main city. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean from your unit, with wide windows and a hot tub facing the sea.

10. Nature Poolvilla

The only option in the list with an infinity pool, overlooking the sea in Pohang. The view from your room blends seamlessly with the deep blue water, giving you a chance to breath and melt away tension from everyday life.

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