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Top 5 Reasons You should Definitely Watch the Winter Youth Olympic Games 2024 in Gangwon province

Updated: Jan 9

youth skiing on snowy mountain in winter

Did you know that the Winter Youth Olympic Games 2024 will be held in Gangwon-do, South Korea early in the new year? 

Once again the beautiful province of Gangwon is host to an Olympic winter event. It has been five years since the Winter Olympic Games 2018 were successfully held in South Korea and the area is already fully equipped for winter sports activities on an international scale with state of the art facilities.  

Gangwon is located on the East Coast of South Korea. In the summer season the beaches are bustling with families and young people escaping the city heat by cooling off in the sea. Continuing into the fall when the trees turn their leaves, the mountains are packed with thousands of hikers marbling over the beautiful wonder of nature. In the winter, the area is full of locals and visitors enjoying the ski slopes. Gangwon province offers something for every season.

Just like the 2018 Winter Olympic Games the Winter Youth Olympic Games 2024 mainly take place in Pyeongchang and Gangneung cities while Hoengseong and Jeongseon will host ski events. Tickets for the opening ceremony are on sale right now while access to the sports events does not require a paid ticket.  Let Wonderful assist you with transport, reservations and accommodation. 

Here are Wonderful’s top five reasons why you should go and watch the Winter Youth Olympics Games in 2024:

1. Getting there is very easy, fast and convenient. Thanks to the Winter Olympics 2018, there is a high speed train connection straight from Seoul and intercity buses also run frequently to the area. Reach out to Wonderful if you need help booking train tickets, or car rentals to the area. 

snow train in winter in south korea gangwon province

2. The province has plenty of options for accommodation. Should you opt to stay several nights to watch as many sports activities as possible, you will not have problems finding an accommodation style that suits you. The area hosts a wide selection of hotels, guest houses and Korean style pensions. Contact Wonderful if you need help finding a suitable accommodation that fits your needs within your budget. 

ice festival next to a hotel

3.  Gangwon province is famous for delicious dishes like spicy chicken barbeque (dalk galbi), buckwheat noodles (mak guksu) and potato pancake (gamja jeon). Do not miss out on the experience of grilling your chicken bbq on hot stones, it is absolutely scrumptious!  

4. The annual Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Fishing Festival is famous for its fun ice fishing activities, light festival, ice skating and sledding and many more activities for the entire family and friends. In 2024, the festival is scheduled to begin from January 6th to January 28th so why not stop by while in the area? The Ice fishing event requires a reservation. Let Wonderful take care of the bookings for you!  

people attending the hwacheon sancheoneo ice fishing event

5.  Gangwon is the most beautiful province in South Korea with its lush mountain landscapes, long stretches of beaches and picturesque villages.  The atmosphere is friendly, local and the pace is less hectic than in Seoul. It is perfect for a weekend get-away all year round. 

beautiful snow capped mountains and forests

You can find more helpful information for preparing your visit to the Winter Youth Olympics 2024 here: 

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