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Why You Should Go to Winter Pyeongchang Olympics 2018

Korea, A Passionate Country - Pyeongchang is a small town in the mountain near the East coast of South Korea in a region called Gangwon-do. Although small and known only for its barbecue and fishcakes restaurants, Pyeongchang’s heart has been beating at the sound of the Olympics tunes for the past few years. Between the Olympic village and the promotional advertising making its way to the internet, this special feeling of celebratory excitement has been gaining as the infrastructure is raising from the ground.

All those old enough to remember talk about the unbelievable atmosphere during the 1988 Olympics where both baseball and taekwondo were only demonstration sports, and Korea and China both won titles at table tennis. There were roars of pride and support. The country was upside down, hell bent on proving itself to be worthy of standing amongst the greatest nations of the world.

Now, South Korea is the 11th richest country in the world and so much has changed since the last time it hosted Olympic games. The truth is, if it could achieve so much in 1988 with so little, it now has all it needs to setup the stage for the most exciting games since the days of childhood memories.

We can’t wait to hear the country roar once more from excitement and thirst of victory.  We can’t wait to see the flags, the athletes and the broken records. Finally, we can’t wait to hear the children ravel about the events of the day and get inspired by these champions, just like the generation past. In the end, the games are about getting ourselves to dream about what we could have achieved, had we chose to become athletes. It’s all about becoming children with hopes and dreams again.

There is something about the Olympic games that pulls on a string deeply rooted in the most emotional part of out subconscious, a heroic part, a part that we suspect may never emerge in the real world but is rather present in our everyday life. We all want to be amazing people and we all want to break records. That is why we always look forward to the world cups and other international competitions. The Olympic games, however, are another thing altogether. There is a grand spectacle and a sense of getting all these athletes together for an intense fortnight of records gets masses of people entranced in the event.

The Olympics, The Greeks and Peace - The modern Olympic games started in the mid1800's based on the Greek's games of the same name many centuries prior. They celebrate sports, pushing one's own limits and peace between nations. When powerful countries can find a way to compete in a peaceful and celebratory setting, it eases tensions and opens the world to dialogue. The old Olympic games have developed into several iterations: the Summer and Winter Olympics, the Paralympics and the Youth Olympics. Soon, the Winter Olympics and Paralympics will take place in Pyeongchang, near Gangleung.

If you plan on going to the games, make sure to get your tickets and accommodations now. Wonderful can help with tickets, transportation, hotels, flights and local activities for a customized experience tailored for making Olympic dreams come true. As your personal assistant, we give you access to Korea like a local.

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