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Awesome Guide to Korean Plastic Surgery for Foreigners

Nowadays K-beauty has become another synonym for South Korea. Apart from Korean cosmetic products that have been recognized worldwide, Korean plastic surgery is pioneering the industry. If you want to enhance the appearance of your body or face, South Korea, the capital of plastic surgery, would be your best choice.

Every year, thousands of beauty chasers around the world travel to South Korea for cosmetic treatments. The number of foreigner visits for plastic surgery was 140,000, accounting for 28.1% of the total medical visits in 2018. Skin care, plastic surgeries, anti-aging treatments, dental care, and women's surgery, in Korea , you can find everything to cater to your needs. In this guide we will get deep inside Korean plastic surgery, helping you well prepare before coming to South Korea to undergo your surgeries.

Why is Korean Plastic Surgery So Popular Among Foreigners?

First, Korean plastic surgery is famous for using highly advanced technology and having experienced doctors. Also innovative technology such as stem cells are applied to improve surgical results. Secondly, clinics always provide the best all-round services. Most importantly, Korean surgeons are experts in catering to different aesthetic senses. It means that they take care of your special needs based on your ethnic nature.

Most Performed Procedures of Korean Plastic Surgery

1. Eyelid Surgery

In South Korea, eyelid surgery is not limited to double eyelid surgery. It is a comprehensive operation to make your eyes more beautiful. Korean eye surgeons put emphasis on "designing the most suitable eyes for you". Hence eyelid surgeries are normally performed together with epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, or ptosis correction for the best results. Korean methods are characterized by short operation time, fast recovery, and natural results. Find more information.

2. Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a “nose job”, is the second most popular plastic surgery procedure in South Korea. Korean surgeons are capable of catering to different aesthetic styles. Korean rhinoplasty methods are not only about correcting the shortness such as hump nose or wide nose. It pioneers in making delicate nose tips, heightening, or prolonging nose bridges. Balance and harmony are the crucial points of Korean methods.

3. Breast Augmentation

According to ASPS(American Society of Plastic Surgeons), breast augmentation is the most popular procedure in the U.S. In South Korea, you can enjoy the best treatment with a lower price. Most importantly, you will have more choices. Choices come from diverse methods and implants that suit your needs. Clinics also take care of your scars. Click for more information.

What is the Process? What Should You Prepare? Here is the Checklist

It is extremely important to know the whole process before coming to South Korea to undergo your plastic surgery. Also there are a number of things you need to prepare beforehand. This checklist can help you.

- Before coming to South Korea:

  • Search for Korean clinics online

  • Contact to reserve a surgeon consultation

  • Book flight tickets

  • Reserve a comfortable accommodation

  • Explore some places for entertaining during recovery time

  • Figure out locations and transportation in South Korea

  • Pack your luggage (loose clothes; sunglasses; hoodie; slipper..)

- Arrive in South Korea:

  • Surgeon consultations

  • Negotiate price

  • Determine clinic and reserve surgery time

- Surgery day

- Recovery time, and treatment

- Stitch removal (normally 7-14 days after the surgery)

Take Notes: the Most Important Things of Korean Plastic Surgery

Safety, affordability and effect are the most important factors for people who undergo plastic surgery. In order to achieve it, you should follow the things below:

1. Identify an accredited clinic

2. Surgeon consultation is a necessary process in order to:

  • Prove that the doctor is experienced

  • Express your desires

  • Ensure that the doctor's method suits your aesthetic sense

3. Visit at least 3 clinics to

  • Compare prices and service

  • Find the most suitable doctor

4. If you can't take care of all of the things, try turning to a medical tourism agency. They can help to:

  • Introduce the best clinics for you

  • Compare clinics and negotiate price

  • Manage your trip (flight ticket, accommodation, entertainments...)

Medical Tourism Agency: Your Medical Partner in Seoul

Statistics show that 60% of foreigners choose a medical tourism agency to help them undergo plastic surgery in South Korea. Among those customers, 90% are satisfied with the services.

Firstly, medical tourism agencies provide services for plastic surgery. Through their service, you will get the treatment from well-known clinics and doctors with an affordable price. Moreover, they take care of your trip. They can help with flight ticket booking, accommodation reservation, even concert ticketing.

Benefits you can enjoy from medical tourism agency:

  • Safe surgery

  • Affordable trip

  • Effective consultation

  • Organized Trip

  • Enjoyable experience

Start with Seoul Cosmetic Surgery to Enjoy a Luxury Trip

Seoul Cosmetic Surgery is a government-licensed medical tourism agency in Seoul, South Korea. Above all, the company aims at introducing customers to the prestigious doctors located in Korea along with word-class medical facilities.

Our services

  • Valuable image consultation

  • Medical Trip Planning

  • Connect you with the most suitable doctors and hospitals

  • One-package service

  • Tour liaison

  • Take care of the rest (free luxury airport transport, language barriers, room booking, price comparisons...)

Why You Should Choose Seoul Cosmetic Surgery

  1. We have connection with best plastic surgery clinics and doctors

  2. Your personal manager during your trip in South Korea

  3. We craft packages on a case by case basis

  4. We take into account your every specific need

  5. Our core value and No.1 priority is “customer satisfaction".

Enjoy our quality VIP services.

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