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How To Dress Kids For Korean Winters: Keeping Your Babies Warm

For expats who come from warm weather climates and are experiencing the cold for the first time, acclimating can take some time. As an adult it’s easy to know when it’s time to put on a coat, but when you’re responsible for dressing little ones it can be a little more than distressing. The truth is that kids are at the same risk of heat loss and hypothermia as adults are, and maybe more.

While your children are playing outside in freezing temperatures and claim that they don’t feel cold it’s because they probably really don’t feel cold. Most kids are naturally so active they can generate enough heat to keep them feeling warm, even if they aren’t. When they aren’t dressed properly it can be dangerous because young children’s bodies are less able to regulate their internal temperature as opposed to healthy adults. So the next time your kids protest that they don’t feel cold, bundle them up in layers anyways.

With more snow expected this season and many preparing to visit Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics this February, here’s some recommendations based on our past client requests on ways to keep your kids warm. For busy mom and dads, Wonderful can make shopping easy and help you save time so you can spend it making snow angels instead. Our bilingual personal assistants are like having a local best friend or secretary to get all your errands done. We know it can be time consuming to navigate Korean websites and shops when you don’t speak the language. We help you win back your time so you can focus it on making precious memories with your family.

1. Thermals

Start with this first layer to keep heat close to the body. Thermals are usually thin and light weight for maximum comfort. The long sleeves are also great for protection when layering an itchy wool sweater on top. They are sometimes called long underwear and can be worn as pajamas too.

 2. Warm Fuzzy Lined-Pants

Instead of thermals and having to double up on trousers, fur lined pants are perfect for staying cozy. Many are made of stretchy material and are super comfortable for indoor and outdoor wear.

3. Colorful and Comfy Sweaters

Layering is important and having a warm sweater is the next level up for keeping warm. Cotton hoodies and wool sweaters are both good choices in terms of style.

4. Big Fluffy Coats

Having a good weatherproof coat is important especially when it’s snowing or raining. Keeping the elements and cold out are critical to helping to regulate proper body temperatures. We like ones that have hoods since a lot of body heat is lost through the top of your head.

 5. Fur-lined Winter Boots

Don’t forget your feet, no one likes cold feet. Good winter boots should offer good traction for snow, rain and have some type of water repellent feature to them.

 6. Hat-Mask-Muffler

Instead of investing in more pieces of clothing your kids might lose, the idea of having an all in one seems smart. Get an adorable and stylish hat-mask-muffler. The mask can double as light protection for bad air quality as well.

 7. Mittens with Strings

Whoever invented the string that connects mittens and gloves was a genius. String these around your little one’s shoulder to ensure they won’t lose them and keep their hands warm when they are outside. 

Wonderful is a virtual personal assistant service and we are your advocate. We are brand agnostic so we can work with any business or service. The above suggestions are not an endorsement for any brand or product, but represent recent client requests. We'll do our best to curate and provide suggestions that best meet your individual needs. To get started, just send us a message. For more ideas on how we can help, visit our Instagram or Facebook

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