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Top 5 Reasons to Use Wonderful for your Expat Employees Relocating to Korea

With an increasingly globalizing labor market, the past few decades have been a boon for relocation and mobility companies. This has been particularly noticeable in Asia where more and more companies are hiring foreign talent to increase their global footprint.

While there is no shortage of relocation and mobility companies, cut-throat competition and low margins have limited the support provided to expats as they are moved to foreign countries. Many relocation services help manage the move from an employee's home country to the assigned country, and provide basic help settling in. However, for many expats the demands and difficulties of living in an unfamiliar country with a different language, means that they tend to need more support than the regular relocation service can provide. Also, as most relocation companies rely on network referrals to get clients, they are usually unable to price in the adequate amount of support needed by expat employees when they give quotes for their services to the corporate client. This appears to be the case in Korea as well, as many relocation and moving companies have referred their clients to Wonderful to provide extra support for foreigners who need help with online grocery shopping, buying train/bus/plane/ferry tickets online, home repairs, booking reservations, basic research and much more. Wonderful provides excellent service with a simple time-based pricing scheme, both to regular users and to corporate clients like Met Life Korea and the University of Utah Asia Campus. Based on their experience, we have drawn up a list of the top 5 reasons for using Wonderful as your ideal relocation partner in Korea.

1. Excellent Customer Service

Wonderful prides itself in offering the best personal assistant service in Korea for the last 4 years. With great reviews from clients, Wonderful puts customer service at the front and center of the value we give to our users. Wonderful's corporate package has proven to be an essential tool for institutions looking to support their foreign employees, especially when they are new to the country. Wonderful has years of experience dealing with all kinds of requests in Korea, and even with the most difficult requests, our assistants will offer creative solutions to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

2. More Than Just a Relocation Service

Wonderful is NOT your average relocation service. Wonderful offers a convenient bilingual personal assistant service for foreigners living in or travelling to Korea. We can help with anything, provided it is legal and realistic. We have helped clients with complicated requests such as organizing a K-pop Concert, undertaking complicated research projects... to simple requests such as calling an airport taxi, or making a reservation at a restaurant. For foreigners moving to Korea, our service can help them with any issues that they may have due to the language and cultural barriers, including help with basic translation.

Wonderful has also partnered with Peoples First Relo, to offer a complete relocation solution. This means that corporate clients can get a package that includes:

- On demand personal assistance - Visa and Immigration Assistance - Home Search, School Search - Tenancy Management - Expense Management Services

- Departure Services and Pet Relocation

- Offline Shopping Tour and Neighborhood orientation.

For more information regarding the partnership, please follow this link.

3. Simple and Flexible Pricing

Wonderful offers a simple time based pricing, where each client deposits a certain amount of time on their account at 800 KRW/min, and the time spent working on their requests is deducted from the deposited time using our proprietary software. Clients can ask for help with anything once they have set up an account, and they can track how much time is spent working on their request. For request that take a long time, clients can ask for a limit, where our assistant gives an update on the work done after a certain amount of time, then the client can decide if the request should proceed.

For companies/institutions that have limited budgets, we can also make flexible arrangements to support their employees, for example, offering 4 hours every semester to provide support for basic requests, then their employees can top up time on their own if they need more of the service.

Feel free to send us your requirements and we would adjust our proposal accordingly.

4. Pricing and Service Transparency

Wonderful ensures transparency in the way we charge our clients by providing a time report, where the client can track in real time how time is spent working on their request. They can see the time spent communicating with the assistant, communicating with businesses, research time and even the time spent troubleshooting should there be any issues.

Wonderful uses secure payment systems such as Stripe or Paypal, ensuring that client information is kept safe and secure, and for any charges made to a clients account, they get an e-receipt instantly sent to their email address.

Companies also get a secure link that gives a general overview of the time spent by their employees. This allows for time allocations to be adjusted according to how your employees are actually using the service, to ensure efficiency.

5. Customer Privacy

While we try and provide transparency to our clients and their companies, we have ensured complete privacy on individual requests and individual purchases. The employer cannot see the exact items purchased or the exact requests that each client makes, as some requests might include sensitive or private information. Clients can feel assured that their private information will be kept secure when using our service.

If you are interested in our corporate program, you can reach us at You can also follow this link for more information regarding how our corporate program works.

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