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Employee Support Package

Thank you for showing interest in our corporate program. If you are looking to use our services to support foreign employees in your company, here is a simple guide explaining how it works and how you can get started.

We provide a bilingual personal assistant service for foreigners living in and travelling to Korea. We can practically provide assistance with anything, provided it is legal and realistic, and have great reviews. As explained on our pricing page, our service is time-based, meaning to use the service, our

We provide a bilingual personal assistant service for foreigners living in and travelling to Korea. We can practically provide assistance with anything, provided it is legal and realistic, and have great reviews

As explained on our pricing page, our service is time-based. This means that to begin using the service, our


clients make a deposit of a certain amount of time, at 800 KRW per minute, valid for 3 months, then the time taken assisting them with their requests is deducted from this deposit. Our clients get a report showing how the time was spent on their requests. 


For companies/institutions looking to support their foreign staff in the country, we offer a special discount rate and a longer validity period depending on the length of the contract. Basically, your company/institution can buy time at a discount for their employees to use the service. 

Now Offering Full Relocation Support

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Wonderful has now partnered with People First Relocation to provide a full relocation solution to companies hiring expats and relocating them to Korea. Based on continued interest from corporate clients, Wonderful saw a gap in the relocation services industry, where most relocation companies only provide assistance up to a point, then either overcharge or leave clients to fend for themselves when it comes to additional day to day requests. It is for this reason that Wonderful partnered with a reputable relocation service with extensive experience in Taiwan, and now available in South Korea, to integrate our services and help transform the largely traditional relocation industry.

Now, in addition to an on-demand assistance service from Wonderful agents, corporate clients can now get help with:

- Visa and Immigration Assistance
- Home Search, School Search
- Tenancy Management
- Expense Management Services

- Departure Services and Pet Relocation

- Offline Shopping Tour and Neighborhood orientation.

Happy family playing into new home. Fath

If interested in a full relocation package, please send an email to for a customized quote based on your needs.

Expect to pay 0 KRW to get started. (Excl. VAT)


Each employee will get 4 hours of time that they can use for the 3 month period. You will be able to track the time spent by your employees, though we maintain the privacy of each individual request they make. After 3 months, we will review how much time they use on a monthly average, then we can negotiate a longer term contract of 6 months or a year, depending on what you are comfortable with. 



We also include a basic service orientation for your employees, teaching them how best to utilize the service and how to utilize it efficiently. For an extra fee, we can also give a wider orientation to living in Korea, and general Korean culture.

If you are interested in working with us, let us know the number of employees you have and if you have any specific requirements. We look forward to working with you!

How Does It Work?

If you are a new company starting out with our program, you may not know how much time is needed for your employees to cover their basic needs. To help with this, we offer an introductory program, where you can start with 4 hours at a 15% discount, for each employee, then after 3 months, you can get a report on how much time your employees need. (Spouses can share the same account). Then we can make a proposal on a longer term contract, based on their time use.


The unused time from this introductory program is refundable after the 3 months. Meaning, if you decide against the program, you can get the remaining money refunded to your account.  Otherwise we can deduct the remaining money from the longer term contract we negotiate.

To give you an idea of the costs involved, we made this simple form to calculate the cost of the introductory program for your organization:

Interested? Send an email to with the number of employees and any other specific requirements.

Corporate Clients

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