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2020 Top 5 Ideas for Activities in Spring While Avoiding Crowds in Korea

Updated: Aug 28

Spring is here and is usually the perfect time for outdoor activities. Amidst the Corvid-19 outbreak, people are recommended to avoid public places and crowded areas, so we made a list of activities you can still do to enjoy this year's Spring, while avoiding crowds as much as possible.

1. Hiking

South Korea has an abundance of mountains to satisfy any hiking enthusiast. Many mountains are national parks and offer different hiking routes depending on your skills, so whether you are a beginner or an expert, hiking in Korea is a wonderful way to experience Korea’s nature and get a breath of fresh air. Here is a map with popular mountain locations across the country.

You can find more information about mountains in Korea by following this link. If you need assistance with figuring out transportation (eg. renting a car), purchasing hiking gear or accommodation bookings, feel free to message us for assistance.

2. Observe Spring Flower Blooms

Spring is synonymous with beautiful fields of blossoming flowers. While many flower festivals are faced with uncertainty this year, you can always enjoy flower blooms in remote locations only locals know about.

One such place is Odong-do island in Yeosu-si – home to 70 species of wild flowers. There is no need to take a ferry as you can simply walk from Yeosu Port via a breakwater. The island is particularly known for camellias that turn the island red in March.

Other great spots to enjoy the spring flower bloom away from crowds are the mountains!

Wonmi Mountain

3. Camping

Camping is a great way to get away from crowds, though we are not talking about glamping or public camping sites. If you want some solitude, or a chance to connect with nature, then wild camping is for you. Make sure to bring all necessary camping gear! While wild camping in national parks is not allowed, you can still find many out-of-the-way, wild areas to retreat to, provided you respect the environment and don’t attract attention (no bonfires folks ^^ ). If you need help locating a valid wild camping spot, be it in a forest, along a river or beach, our assistants would be happy to check for available options in accordance with your preferences.

4. Abandoned Alps Resort

Are you an urban explorer and are looking for an adventure? Now might be the time to check out an abandoned ski resort in Gangwon-do (Click to view location). The Alps resort near the DMZ was the oldest ski resort in Korea and had been around since the Japanese colonization until it was closed down in 2006. Though completely deserted, if you are an urban explorer the resort is full of visual delights and scenic sites.

credit: the guardian newspaper

5. Fishing Pension

credit: fishing map korea

Fishing can give a great relaxation experience and if you are looking for some seclusion, then the fishing pension would be a perfect match for you. If you want some “me time” or "us time" if you have a partner, you can try the island type of pension. It has all the amenities of a regular pension such as bed, toilet, shower and kitchen, but is a floating island pension with an awesome view of the water right outside of your window!

Or if you would prefer to be on land, there are plenty of remote pensions located on river/lake banks that offer a great fishing experience.

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