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10 Popular Gift Ideas for 2017 available in Korea

girl in sweater with gift

Getting a sneak peak into other people's shopping lists can sometimes help jumpstart your creativity for gift giving. Here's a list of our favorite ideas curated from our client requests just this week. Shopping in Korea can be challenging especially if you don't speak Korean and don't have the time to figure everything out. We can help you save time and get your special gifts quickly. Having a personal assistant is Wonderful. Just send us a message to get started.

From our experience, the best gifts are thoughtful ones that show you have been listening and thinking about what the receiver would like. Whether you're looking for a gift to impress or something simple, the most awesome ones are meaningful in one way or another. We often ask our clients to consider their favorite moments with their friends and family to theme a gift around what made them smile that day. Ideas can also be generated from knowing your friend's favorite hobby, sport or enjoyable daily routines. Things to carefully observe are style and colors as well. If she's bohemian chic or if he's a sporty kind of guy, this will help in narrowing down your choices.

Here's a short list of what our clients have ordered recently. Do you know anyone who would enjoy these gifts as well?

1. Nintendo Switch

Want to see you child's face light up like a Christmas tree? Fun for adults too, the Nintendo Switch is one of the hottest gifts for this holiday season. They have been flying off the shelf and come in many bundle options that include accessories and games. Consider giving games if the person you plan on gifting already has a console.

nintendo switch gift

2. Gourmet Roasted Coffee

For coffee lovers, locally roasted artisan beans and grounds might be the perfect gift. If your first date was at a cafe, it would be a sweet touch to add a little note mentioning that special occasion and maybe a memorable conversation you shared. If you want to get fancy, there are some really excellent home espresso machines or coffee presses that make great gifts.

korea artisan coffee

3. Nutcracker Ballet Tickets

Tickets to the Nutcracker Ballet is quintessentially one of the best holiday traditions. A splendorous performance full of opulence and grace, it is a timeless classic. Journey with Clara, Drosselmeyer, Sugar Plum Fairy, and the Nutcracker Prince as they embark on a magical adventure through a growing Christmas tree, interactive snow scene, and whimsical Kingdom of Sweets. The music, costumes, and hundreds of delightful characters will bring out the child in everyone. This is a gift that can make memories that last a lifetime. Now showing until December 31 at the Universal Arts Center in Seoul.

The Nutcracker in Seoul

4. Le Creuset French Cookware

Know someone who loves to cook? And perhaps may even have a flair for Paris, Le Creuset is one of the finest in French cookware. They are a gift that will last and can be passed down for generations to create beautiful home-cooked memories. These heavy duty pots, pans and bakeware are both elegant in design and made of highest quality.

Le Creuset French Cookware

5. Drone

A drone is a great Christmas gift for both kids and adults. It can teach young ones about technology, shooting aerial video and even responsibility. They come in a variety of models, sizes and quality. Since their rise to popularity, many entry-level drones have become very affordable. For enthusiasts that love photography, getting a high end drone would make an amazing gift and open their artistic range to all new heights.

Drone in Seoul

6. Electric Razor and Shaving Kits

Since it's a daily ritual for many men to shave, razors and shavers have been a popular gift through the years. At first what may seem like a simple gift to get for your husband, dad, boyfriend or grandpa it can get a bit overwhelming when you encounter all the choices that are out there. There are also accessories such as shaving soap, brushes and stands to consider too. We recommend narrowing down your price point then picking the highest quality in terms of material, versatility, speed and easiest to clean.

Electric Razor Christmas Gift

7. Star Wars LEGO Set

LEGOs dominate Christmas gift lists to Santa year after year. With the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and fans lining up to see the movie, you can bet the Millennium Falcon, Death Star, BB-8, and any of the Starfighter's will be popular gifts. An iconic toy for all ages, LEGOs are great gift for encouraging creativity and screen-free fun.

Millennium Falcon

8. Fruit Basket

Fruit baskets make great gifts all year round. The exchange of gifts is an important part of Korean life, closely linked to showing respect, keeping good kibun (mood or feeling of being in a comfortable state of mind), and being courteous. Some say it's important to bring a gift of fruit, flowers or liquor whenever you visit someone's home. We can have fruit or flowers delivered to you or the recipient for ultimate convenience.

Fruit Basket

9. Jo Malone Colognes

For him and for her, Jo Malone makes delicious and deeply desirable scents that everyone wants to own. They carry exquisitely simple and refined fragrances, always with a touch of the unexpected. A luxury brand with a lot of versatility, you can build a collection or gift set for those new to it. Spoil your loved one this year and delight their senses with a gift of fragrance.

Jo Malone Cologne

10. Olympic Game Tickets

We saved our favorite for last. The 2018 Winter Pyeongchang Olympics will be coming up in February. Tickets to see the best athletes in the world compete in some of the most beautiful landscapes in Korea make a wonderful gift. KTX train passes have already started selling as well if you're thinking about how to get there. We highly recommend staying in Seoul and taking public transportation since there are limited accommodations available in the area.

2018 Winter Pyeongchang Olympic Game Tickets

Wonderful is a virtual personal assistant service, so it's like having a secretary or new best friend. We are brand agnostic so we can work with any business or service. The above suggestions are not an endorsement for any brand or product, but represent recent client requests. We'll do our best to curate and provide suggestions that best meet your individual needs. To get started, just send us a message. For more ideas on how we can help, visit our Instagram or Facebook.

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