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Top 15 Things to Delegate to Your Assistant to Make Your Personal Life Better

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

By taking care of the many to-dos and errands that come up in life, we allow our clients to focus on other facets of their life, like family, friends, work, and play. Wonderful is dedicated to helping expats get the the most of their time in Korea. Here’s an example of 15 things you can ask your Wonderful highly educated, professional, bilingual assistant to do.

  1. Manage your housekeeping needs and coordinate cleaners so you can come home happy to a clean place.

  2. Organize grocery delivery so your refrigerator is always stocked with essentials like milk, eggs, bread and your other favorite foods. Eating healthy can be easy with meal and detox juice delivery services as well.

  3. Ensure you never run out toilet paper, shampoo, cleaners and other household goods by organizing immediate deliveries or a regular delivery schedule.

  4. Handle household repairs and coordinate the right professional to come fix your toilet, appliances and even assemble furniture.

  5. Organize your travel (including learning your travel preferences). This includes making all your travel arrangements, organizing all your flight info and even remotely monitoring your travel to be ready to deal with any missed flights.

  6. Set up grooming appointments, pet sitting services and facilitate dog walkers so all members of your family are well kept and happy.

  7. Pick-up your dry cleaning and setting up a delivery schedule that works best for you.

  8. Arrange for gifts, cards, and event planning for birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates. Flowers don’t have to be only for special occasions and are a lovely gesture to let someone know you are thinking about them.

  9. Order things online for you and handle any product returns or service issues. Nothing is more frustrating and time consuming than having to deal with after service issues. Your personal assistant can save you countless hours of time shopping and making sure you get what you need.

  10. Set up appointments, reservations at your favorite restaurants, spas, clinics, salons, and hold your schedule. Liberate your time from making these phone calls and waiting for business hours.

  11. Gather all the needed data and prep information for all your reservations. For example, if you have special requests you can ask your assistant to communicate these details or ask questions in advance so there are no surprises when you arrive.

  12. Purchase concert tickets to the hottest shows even if it is sold out. Have your personal assistant work magic for VIP treatment so you can spend more time enjoying the show instead of looking for tickets.

  13. Ship your packages, and coordinate pick-up and delivery service to avoid needing to travel across town for something you need immediately. Avoid the traffic, figuring out directions, and the lost time.

  14. Reserve movie, baseball, and other tickets in advance and pick the best seats. Save time by getting e-tickets instead of standing in line.

  15. Order take-out or immediate food delivery and manage any cravings you might have so you get it fast.

Wonderful’s personal assistant services are an affordable luxury. Having a little extra help in your life equals extra time. Extra time means the freedom to live your life doing exactly what you want to do and pursing the things you love most.

Regarding our pricing, we charge for the time taken working on your request at 800 KRW/min (There is a 15% discount for first time users), and you can get a refund on the remaining time within 3 months. There are NO processing fees when you pay us via bank wire transfer. (You will pay only the cost of the item(s)). When we charge your bank card, there is an 8.5% processing fee that goes to the payment processor for their services. We do NOT benefit from this fee. For more information regarding our pricing, please follow this link.

If interested in our service, you can reach us on Facebook, Kakao Talk or Email.

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