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Ed Sheeran Oct 29 in Seoul

Over the past five years, we’ve seen the rise of international artists coming to Korea to perform for huge crowds of local and international fans. Ed Sheeran, a twenty-six year old British singer-songwriter who has built a cult following around the world, is the latest in line. So to answer the question of ‘will Ed Sheeran’s concert sell out in Korea?’ well, the rainy season’s humid, kimchi’s spicy and the concert will sell out. Captain obvious strikes once more.

And you know that feeling when you try to sign-up for Seoul marathon or try to buy tickets for a concert or even more recently for Seoul Comic Con, and the site crashes in the first few seconds. We expect no less from this concert.

Ed Sheeran is an amazing acoustic guitar player, he can beat box like a machine, has awesome vocals and he writes his own songs. He has dominated the charts and his new album Divide is one of the best sellers of 2017 so far.

If you’ve ever tried to buy tickets for a popular show, you know how heartbreaking this will be for Ed’s concert in Korea. First you’ll wonder why everything is moving so slowly on the ticketing website. Then, if you’re lucky enough to avoid the blue screen of death and the inevitable computer crash that follows, a pop-up will tell you that there are 14,587 people in line waiting to pick seats before you. By the time your turn comes, seats will disappear in front of your eyes as you click frantically on the reservation system, trying to catch those last few green lights. It’s brutal.

Korea loves Ed Sheeran and the anticipation keeps growing. The singer recently announced on his website the details of his Asia tour, including his concert in Seoul on October 29th at Olympic Park. His message ignited a mile long waitlist for fans who can’t wait to see him. Tickets go on sale at noon on June 15.

His concert in November in Kuala Lumpur sold out almost instantly and we believe that it will take a sheer amount of will and determination for you to see Ed.

For those on Wonderful’s waitlist, we’ll try our best to keep you updated with additional concert details. Usually, our die hard customers are the first to tip us off with the latest and we’re always happy to share. To get on our waitlist, just message us.

Also, if you’d like help with ordering tickets, we’re happy to support you as your friendly personal assistant. Since ticket sales start at noon, it’s tough for those who work and can’t get away to book the tickets themselves. Payment systems can be tricky too. Wonderful takes all those worries away. Typically, we will ask you the number of tickets you want, your preferred sections such as VIP, standing, seated, etc. If we’re able to get any tickets, they will go to those who are on our waitlist first.

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