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Write, Shoot, Edit in 48 hours

The fun kicks off on the 22nd of June at The Hidden Cellar, Haebangchon, Seoul. Register KIX48.COM or on the day.

Ever had an idea for a movie but never had the guts to just go out and shoot it? Or maybe you've been milling over a story in your head but couldn't put pen to paper? OR, you're ready to jump in front of the camera and make a scene, but you don't have anyone to push the button for you? Then the KIXFF (Korea International Expat Film Festival) has the answer;

the 2018 KIX48 hour film challenge.

The challenge presents an opportunity to write, shoot and then edit your 7 minute, short film, masterpiece, have it screened in a real cinema, then potentially win a prize from Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, or Jameson Irish Whiskey. Big ones include "best film", "audience award", and "best use of elements" but the real reward is being able to tick off

"made-a-movie (in 48 hours, no less)" off of your bucket list.


Get together a team of friends. As long as you have some idea of how to edit/how to download a free program that can edit your footage, ZERO experience level is required for the writing, shooting or acting parts. In fact, that is what makes this opportunity so great; amateur directors, actors and visionaries get to try their hand in a relaxing but challenging film making atmosphere. Plus, you are guaranteed a chance to shine on the silver screen (behind or in-front of the camera! If you happen to be flying solo and you need a friend or two to make up a team come and join us at The Hidden Cellar in Haebangchon, Seoul, on the 17th of June at 5pm for the "Meet and Greet" event sponsored by PABST BLUE RIBBON beer. Participation prizes will ensue :)

Register. This is easy. Just go to KIX48.COM fill out the form and pay via PAYPAL. Right now we are asking for SHARES on Social media in exchange for a discount! Please share any of our posts on Facebook or Instagram, tag us @kixff @kix48, and get 15 000 KRW off per SNS platform you've shared on.

If paying money for this event freaks you out a bit

remember that KIXFF is a non-profit company and all our proceeds go back into making our events happen. None of us get paid and we all do this because we genuinely love 2 things: MOVIES and PEOPLE <3

Third, grab some equipment. If you are an old pro, you may already have all the fancy gear you need to do this challenge, but there are a number of companies all over Korea that can rent you what you may need. Heck, your could even use WONDERFUL ( to help you out with this. Third option is to just do it on an I-phone; it can be done.

Also, if you want some advice about what to write/shoot/edit/rent: I know a guy...his name is Kevin Lambert and he is our fest director. He's email address is He doesn't sleep. Email him :)

Now you are ready to kick off, which happens to be happening on the 22nd of June at 7pm at The Hidden Cellar. At the kick-off event, we will tell you the elements you will need in order to finish this competition properly. Then, shoot, write, edit and act your heart out, but only for 48 hours. Come back on the 24th at 7pm to submit your completed film (or submit online).

The screening, awards and after party (with a free signature Jameson cocktail on entry from Jameson, and plenty of Pabst on sale) takes place on the 30th of June at Emu Art Cinema. Go check out their website:

Anything can be an adventure when you're a foreigner in a new space. Why not make it a MOVIE-adventure?

FIND KIXFF on FACEBOOK: The Korea International Expat Film Festival

INSTA: @kixff

WEB: /

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