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Wonderful's New Time-Based Service

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Saving time is something everyone is always looking to do so Wonderful is now offering a new time-based service. Pay only for the time you use and the help you need. When you need bilingual personal assistance in Korea, just send us a message.

For a limited time special we are offering our services for as low as 600 krw a minute. Whether you need help ordering dinner, getting concert tickets, arranging travel, ordering flowers for your friend, doing some research - we can help. The best part is our team is staffed with fully bilingual assistants that are fluent in Korean and English. We can also help with paying for things because we know just how complicated Korean payment systems can be. For transactions - there are NO additional fees from Wonderful except for the standard credit card processing fees we pay. Learn more about pricing and how our service works here. Corporate program available for companies with expat employees. Email: if interested.

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