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Dog Friendly Mall Near Seoul

It's summer and to beat the heat dogs are heading to the Starfield Mall to cool off. The first pet friendly mall in Korea is a wonderful place to hang out for the day. Captain 'Cookie' Crumb, the french bulldog, takes a visit and explains what he loves most about going to this mall located in Hanam-si, South Korea. He loves to be showered with attention and meet new friends at Molly's Petshop. Click here to watch his adventure!

There's just so much to see, smell and explore it's no wonder they call this place in literal translation from Korean to English, a pet theme park. The Starfield is also one of the largest malls in Korea and is owned by the Shinsegae Corporation which operates many luxury brands and famous department stores.

While some articles have suggested that a number of clients have complained about the mall being pet friendly, it continues to attract a growing number of visitors. With the success of this pet friendly policy, other malls in Korea are said to be considering adopting this concept too. Cookie hopes this happens soon!

Molly's Petshop is a large store that includes a free dog cafe where your furry friend can run around unleashed, a pet sitting service, groomers, and of course a huge selection of quality pet products. There's also a veterinarian that is right next door.

Occasionally, you can even meet celebrity dog Molly too! She's a stunning and beautiful standard sized grey poodle that is always meticulously groomed and well behaved. We were told her people own Shinsegae so she's what you would call a chaebol dog. ^^

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