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Comic Con Seoul 2018 Tickets on Sale Now!

Comic Con is this weekend in Seoul (Aug 3-5, 2018) and this time we're expecting the CosPlay action to be even better than last year. We're looking forward to Korea's most creative costume enthusiast and designers to come with their fierce competition and bring fantasy to life again.

Attendees can also participate in all the fun even if you're not trying to win first prize. Just remember to stay in character when people stop to talk to you or if you see your mortal enemy. Although we did see a few of our favorite nemesis strolling along like they were best friends... I guess you can't always be worried about saving the world, right? Haha.

We're also hoping Comic Con Seoul will bring back their Marvelous food booth with those yummy sharwarmas made famous by The Avengers in one of their after-credit scenes.

Discount tickets for the event which will be at Coex Hall C, are available for sale now on You can get one, two or three day passes to enjoy the whole program. If you need help buying the tickets, Wonderful's bilingual personal assistants can help. Just send a message and get on-demand support instantly.

For more information on the program and exhibitors, check Comic Con Seoul's official website.

Comic Con Seoul 2018

Seoul Comic Con Ticket Prices

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