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Expat Donates Used Baby Items, Receives Heartfelt Surprise

baby and dad

When people think of our personal assistant service they often think about what we can get for them. Whether it’s groceries, furniture, concert tickets or dinner we help fulfill many requests to help foreigners get things delivered to them quickly in Korea.

For one client however, things went a little differently during the holidays. She wanted to give away things instead. With her baby growing out of her clothes, toys, blankets, diapers and other necessities she wanted to find a way to donate them to a family in need. So she contacted Wonderful for help.

Many charity and collection organizations in Korea don’t speak English so for expats it can be difficult to work with them. Language barriers make it hard to negotiate pick-up times and donation criteria. Even finding the organizations that are willing to take gently used items can be a challenge. With websites and blogs all being in Korean and no easy directory to search for these kinds of non-profit entities, it can be nearly impossible to search for them.

Fortunately for our client, Wonderful is staffed with highly educated bilingual assistants so arranging for the donation was easy. The team researched local charities and reviews to ensure legitimacy, clarified procedures and then arranged a time for pick-up. With just a few text messages, our client was pleased to know her items would soon go to a good place. On the day of pick-up, a representative of the charity inspected the items for quality and collected them all.

Everything went smoothly and just as we all thought the good deed was done, two days later we received a photo from the charity. In it was a pregnant woman and her daughter with big smiles in their living room with all the items. Included with the photo was a short message of gratitude passed on from them. Wonderful forwarded the image and sentiment to the delight of the client.

baby item donations with family in korea

But the appreciation didn’t stop there, to everyone’s surprise a handwritten letter came just after the new year. The letter was translated for the client and it read,

“I thank you greatly for your interest and for giving with a pure heart. To the thoughtful giver with a pure heart, I just wanted to take this time to convey my deepest gratitude and greetings to you. We hope our child will grow up to be a kind person with a pure heart like you. We wish your family and friends a wonderful and happy new year and that this year you’ll experience health and happiness everyday.”

letter of appreciation from donation recipient

Doesn’t that just warm the heart? We here at Wonderful are grateful and love that we are able to help others successfully accomplish such kind acts of charity. There are many creative ways to use our personal assistant services, we couldn’t help but highlight this one. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to support in such an amazing task.

For more ideas on how to use Wonderful, check out our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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