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8 Romantic Ideas in Korea

Turn your relationship into a storybook romance with these 8 romantic ideas. Inspired by actual requests made by Ask Ajumma’s amazing clients, these guys and girls were all about couple activities and making magic happen for their partners. Keeping romance alive does take a bit of creativity so even if she’s cool with kimbap heaven and nice walks along the Han River for a date in Seoul, she’ll probably also enjoy being spoiled every now and then with something more extravagant. All of these activities are available in Korea and we’re happy to help you break out of your date-night slump. While visiting the Sky Rose Garden in Seoul is highly popular, here's some other amazing ideas.

1. BMW Racing Experience

If she’s a fan of the films, take her to conquer drifts in a choice of high performance luxury vehicles.Get her heart racing on dynamic courses and set the pace by accelerating your relationship to the next level.The BMW Racing Experience is sexy has hell. Next to diamonds, fast cars are a girl’s best friend.

2. Private Helicopter Tour

The sky is the limit for an extraordinary date taken straight out of Fifty Shades of Grey’s playbook. A romantic limousine to the heliport and then a helicopter tour over the Han River with views of the Seoul skyline are a sure way to make her swoon. Have a gift waiting for her at the landing point for an even bigger surprise.

3. Michelin Star Dinner Reservations

If he loves Chinese food, skip the regular take out. Fine dining is taken to a new level when it comes to Seoul’s Michelin Star restaurants. Take him to enjoy a culinary experience that is all about mouth watering menus and wine pairings all set in lavish restaurants. We recommend Yu Yuan and a room reservation at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul.

4. VIP Tickets

The best way to let her know she’s your Very Important Person is to get VIP tickets for the concert of her favorite singer.It’s the penultimate experience for any music lover to be so close to the stage. If you’re a real baller and all about the top game, get the artist to dedicate a song to her too.

5. Private Yacht Sunset Cruise with Champagne

If you’re trying to make waves, we love the idea of a private yacht with strawberries and Champagne.A cruise with soft music playing in the background as you watch the sunset together is a great way to impress upon him that he deserves nothing but the best.It’s a bit extravagant but can you imagine anything more romantic to do with your prince charming?

6. Flowers, Lots of Them!

It’s sweet to send a flower bouquet especially if you know her favorite flowers but did you know every flower has a secret meaning? Convey your feelings and intentions with a series of quickly timed deliveries of different types of flowers along with thoughtful notes explaining the deeper meaning of each one. Here are some examples of what certain flowers mean: Daisy (Loyal love), Orchid (Love and beauty), Yellow & Orange Roses (Passionate thoughts), Forget-me-not (True love), Baby’s Breath (Happiness), Ambrosia (Your Love is reciprocated), Red Camellia (You’re a flame in my heart), Oleander (Beauty and Grace), and White Periwinkle (Pleasures of Memory).

7. Private Theater

Renting out a theater for the whole night is not just for Hollywood movies.Surprise her with a private showing of her favorite movie of all time. Have special snacks, treats and flowers delivered in advanced for an extra special touch. If you want to be a bit more creative, make her a movie of your favorite memories – especially neat if you’re planning on popping the big question.

8. Luxury Shopping Experience

Remember that movie Sweet Home Alabama staring Reese Witherspoon? How about that scene where her adorable admirer surprises her with her pick from the entire Tiffany & Co. store. You can recreate this experience at her favorite high-end retailer and make sure that she has the store to herself as well as all the staff at her beck and call. After she chooses everything she wants, whisk her away and have them deliver everything to her home. It couldn’t get any better even if you owned the store.

The infinity of love is ever lasting if you’re able to keep things exciting. We picked our favorite 8 romantic ideas and shared it with you but Ask Ajumma has helped coordinate so many more. Send us a message, if you need help planning your next romantic engagement.

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