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How to Save Time and Money with Wonderful

The whole point of getting help from Wonderful's bilingual personal assistant services in Korea is to save time, so here are a few tips on how to use the service more efficiently. Getting the most out of your minutes can help you save money and get more done faster as an expat or traveler.

1. Train your Assistant

  • The more you use Wonderful, the faster getting help becomes. Ordering dinner can sometimes be done in less than 2 minutes (1,600 KRW per order - that's about $1.50 USD). If you have successfully ordered from the same restaurant before and your address is in our system, your request can be completed at lighting speed.

  • We remember your past requests and preferences, including how you prefer to pay for things. Wonderful has one of the most convenient payment systems that allows us to help complete transactions securely and quickly.

2. Be Organized

  • If you have multiple requests you want to submit at once for your assistant to work on, organize them in a numbered list. Each task will be tracked separately so you can see how much time has been put into working on them.

  • You can also choose to finish one request before moving on to ask for something else. We recommend only doing this when the task at hand is more complicated. Your assistant can multi-task quite well.

3. Provide Details in Advance

  • If you need help with dinner reservations at a particular restaurant, it’s helpful to provide the date, time, number of guests and if there are any special requests in advance. Providing an alternative time or place in case the reservation is unavailable can help your assistant move on quickly also.

  • If you’re trying to purchase something on the internet and you know the website, share it with your assistant. Verify the quantity, color, size, flavor and/or location you want your items delivered to as well. Doing this can help you save time and a get purchase done as quickly as within a few short minutes.

4. Give a Hard Time Limit

  • When you’re trying to get price comparisons or do general research on a topic, it can be helpful to give your assistant a hard limit on time. It’s completely up to you on whether you want to set it at 2 hours, 1 hour or even 30 minutes. Basically your assistant will try to get as much information back to you based on your request within the time you set.

  • You can always adjust your time limit after your assistant has checked back in with you on their findings. If you want to change the direction of the research or ask to focus more on specific details, try to be as clear as possible with your needs.

Having a bilingual personal assistant can help you save loads of time especially if you don’t speak Korean. Wonderful's assistants are all highly educated and well trained. With more than 3 years of experience and over 150,000 requests managed, we have a good idea of what our clients need.

Being on-demand makes Wonderful super affordable since you only need to pay for the time you use. The best part is never having to worry about directly paying employment taxes, benefits, regular hourly wages, recruitment, training – and knowing someone else is taking care of this. To learn more about Wonderful and find tips on how to use the service check out our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked-in. Follow us please!

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