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How to Get Concert Tickets in Korea

Ticket resellers in South Korea are notorious for cancelling sales. It really sucks because we know how exciting it is to see your favorite band, but it happens. It’s a competitive market when it comes to popular concerts in Korea and the bidding wars on 3rd party tickets are fierce. If you’ve ever tried buying tickets for yourself, you’ve probably experienced enough frustrations to know it’s not easy.

The worse thing you can do is try to buy them from strangers off Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Once you transfer money, it’s a crap shoot whether you ‘ll ever see tickets or your money back. While there are some occasional legit sales that can occur on these sites, the risks are too high especially when you’re already paying too much for sold out seats.

There’s also websites like in Korea where the site guarantees money back in case the reseller backs out, but it can be tricky buying tickets here too. Often times resellers will post in many places and cancel your tickets (even though you paid) for a higher offer. The worst resellers often wait until last minute to tell you they did this so you end up with little or no options to go to the concert.

For expats and foreigners another big challenge is that the best reselling sites are in Korean and sellers generally do not speak English. Even though the rules are explicit on the website on how a sale should be processed, many resellers will try to renegotiate terms. When they call or message to discuss the guarantees of a sale, a simple misunderstanding can lead to lots of heartaches later if you’re not careful.

If you’re fortunate enough to speak a little bit of Korean to get by, NEVER ever agree to click on the button that says you have received the tickets before you actually get them. Some resellers will use pressure tactics to get you to do this and then disappear in the great abyss of dark hearted scammers.

Buying 3rd party tickets is not for the faint of heart. If you love G-Dragon or EXO brace yourself… or just ask Wonderful. We’re a personal assistant service that can help you save time, negotiate with resellers, and even find replacements for your tickets if things don’t work out. Think of us as your personal assistant in this matter who can also help you get fan gear, dinner reservations, transportation and even a hotel if you want to make this the most memorable event ever.

Check out our customer reviews for more ideas on how we can help you. With Wonderful, order anything in Korea hassle free!

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