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Emergency Numbers for Foreigners in Korea

Wonderful has compiled a list of the most relevant emergency numbers you might need if you travel to or live in Korea. As these are government services, they have limits on the type of support they provide. If you need help with anything beyond what they offer, Wonderful would be happy to help. Click for more information about our service.

Numbers with English support provided:

1330 Korea Travel Hotline

Operated by KTO (Korean Tourism organization), this hotline provides information regarding tourism in Korea (attractions, restaurants, directions, hours etc.) in different languages 24/7. They are unable to make reservations or purchases on your behalf.

1588-5644 BBB Korea

BBB Korea is a government sponsored on the phone translation program that can assist you with translation live on the phone 24 hours a day. We recommend you turn on your speakerphone to participate in three-way discussion.

1345 Immigration

Call this number for any immigration or visa related issue. They provide assistance in different languages.

1644-0644 Migrant Workers Support Center

This helpline provides multilingual consultation for migrant workers in Korea regarding all kinds of issues (etc. medical care, industrial accidents, delayed payment, housing etc.)

120 General Information Hotline

Operated in 5 languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, Mongolian and Vietnamese) the service provides general information regarding living in Korea (translation, transportation, restaurants, legal consulting, daily living, complaints). They are unable to make reservations or purchases on your behalf.

Numbers with English support not provided:

112 Law Enforcement

Call this number if you need police involvement. Unfortunately, English support is not provided and they do not allow calling on someone else’s’ behalf unless the caller is present at the crime scene.

119 Medical Emergency and Fire

Emergency rescue service

02-2299-782 Lost and found

National lost and found center. English language is not supported, but if you need help contacting this hotline, just send us a photo and description of the item you would like to check about and our assistants will contact lost and found on your behalf.

You can reach us on Facebook, Kakao Talk or Email.

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