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Building a North Korea Crisis Management Plan for an Organization in Korea

Organizations of all types have a duty of care regarding the health and safety of their stakeholders. Korea does not have many threats to health and safety, but it does have one very well-defined threat in the form of its neighbor to the north. North Korea’s insistence on obtaining nuclear weapons and advanced missile technology have set it on a path of potential collision with the United States, Japan, and South Korea. Today, there are many new and unpredictable variables that represent increased risk to those living and working in South Korea.

Erudite Risk is offering a full-day consulting session to fill in the gaps. This is not just a seminar for giving an overview of North Korea or briefly touching on crisis management planning. This is a real learning session designed to provide the tools and knowledge needed to build, implement, and train on a plan that protects assets, people, and operations for your institution. Participants should leave this event with the knowledge to build and optimize a solid crisis management plan.

If you have been putting off taking the steps necessary to protect your organization in the region, now is the time to get started for the minimal cost possible. Learn more and sign up at Who is the seminar for? Entities with operations and personnel on the Korean Peninsula or in Japan Entities with investments in Korea or Japan Entities with supply chains running through Korea or Japan: suppliers and other partners Entities considering partnering, acquisitions, or investments in Korea or Japan Anyone with a stake in Northeast Asia PRESENTER

Rodney J. Johnson, a long-time resident of South Korea, is currently President of Erudite Risk. He has spent most of his work life in Asia. Working in both the IT and the security sectors, he has been based in Korea and Singapore, while running companies with direct operations in Korea, China, Singapore, and India. He is also a former technology analyst, reporting on Asian technology issues, and served as an intelligence analyst in the US Army. Over the last 15 years, he has led or been involved with more than 2000 risk management and security-related cases for multinational companies in Asia, as well as directly consulted on risk, security, and crisis management for more than 40 of the Fortune 100.

This is the second and last chance to attend this seminar on crisis management planning for a conflict with North Korea. The previous event, on August 25, was unable to get everyone in due to limited capacity. The feedback from the attendees was phenomenal. Previous participants include a variety of organizations from around the world, and from virtually every industry, including Branksome Hall, International School of Koje, Northrup Grumman, Shell, BNP Paribas, Dulwich College, Chadwick International, Gyeonggi-Suwon International School, Lee & Ko, Rosetta Stone, Brose Korea, Black & Decker, Tiffany & Co., Volkswagen Financial Services, and Renault-Samsung, among others.

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