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Living in Korea | How to Deal with Korea's Bad Air Quality

The air quality in Korea is bad. Walk outside and on some days you can almost taste the thick nasty air as it lingers in a grayish brown haze. There are some people that blame it on the toxic cocktail of yellow dust coming from China. Others say it’s from coal burning and cars in Korea. Whatever it is, it’s enough to cause an aching in your chest with each breath, itchy burning eyes, skin rashes and a bunch of other uncomfortable symptoms.

With fine dust alerts being broadcast regularly around the peninsula to stay indoors, we thought we’d share a few of our client’s requests and ideas to help cope with the bad air. There’s a wide range of air purifiers and face masks to consider that can help with breathing easier. Whether your looking for top of the line, portable or stylish there is something for everyone.

One thing to keep in mind as you’re selecting the best tools to combat fine dust is how well they filter out particular matter (PM). You’ll want to make sure what you choose can keep out things like organic dust, airborne bacteria, construction dust, and coal particles from power plants and other mystery pollutants. Other things to consider is the amount of time spent out doors and how well sealed your windows and ventilation systems are in your building. We recommend getting an air quality monitor to help gauge both indoor and outdoor particular matter levels for greatest peace of mind.

Having trouble finding something you like? Our team of high educated bilingual assistants can help you save time and also research product reviews.

Here’s a few products Wonderful’s clients have asked for recently:

1. Facemasks

2. Air Purifiers

3. Air Quality Monitor

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