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Amazing Birthday Gift Ideas for your K-Pop Idol

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Whenever a K-Pop idol’s birthday or debut anniversary is around the corner, we tend to get a lot of requests on how to get the ideal customized gift delivered to the K-pop artists or to their agencies. We have helped order, customize and deliver gifts to artists such as Hyuna and Wonho. We have come across really cool gift ideas, including ideas for Kpop artists who do not accept physical gifts, that we would like to share.

Some artists/agencies no longer accept gift deliveries any more so it would be wise to check in with their fanclub before sending anything to see what kinds of gifts they accept and how to deliver. We can also help reach out to them on your behalf. Though, you should know that for really popular idols like BTS, it is almost impossible to send gifts to them these days 😖 Check out our list of 7 amazing birthday gift ideas for your K-Pop idol!

1. Birthday Drone Show!

Definitely, one of the most extravagant options on our list, if you or your fan club is able to come up with the funds, you are able to book a digital drone show to commemorate your artist's birthday or an event that they are celebrating. Last we checked the cost for a typical show would be around 220 USD per drone, and can have up to 300 drones in a single show. The message, and images can be customized so it would definitely be a gift that the artist would remember.

2. Get an Idol themed Subway or a Plane!

If you are not short on funds, this option might be on your list. You can get a subway cart on certain subway lines/carts in Seoul to be themed according to your favorite Idol. You can change the designs, though they would need to be pre-approved by the advertising agency.

Why not even try getting a plane printed with a support message for your favorite idol? Because that is definitely possible too! 😄

3. Order Customized Cakes & Flowers

If your favorite artist accepts edible gift deliveries then custom cakes and flowers would definitely be ideal gifts for birthday/event celebrations. There are some really cool cakes that can be purchased in Korea, along with huuge flower bouquets to express your support for an artist. 😀 You might want to check out our list of the top 10 most unique cakes in Korea for some ideas on what cakes are available in Korea. One of the cakes on the list was so unique that one artist posted it on their Instagram page!

4. Rent a Coffee Truck!

This can be really impressive, especially if the artist is having a movie shoot or a music video shoot. Wonderful can help organize a coffee truck to be sent to an artist shoot location to support the artist and the staff hard at work. Some companies allow for a special message to be put on the truck for the artist to see.

5. Make a donation in your artist's name.

Some artists might have a good cause that they support and need your help supporting them. Therefore, it has become more popular for fans to make a donation in the name of an artist to an orphanage, or a cause that the artist likes, or supports on their social media channel. Wonderful can help make payments on your behalf, and get a certificate of donation under the name of the artist/fan club for verification.

6. Luxury Gift Purchases

One way fans express their support for their favorite idols is by purchasing gifts from luxury brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, or Cartier items. Wonderful can help purchase, consolidate and wrap them, before sending them carefully to your artist's agency. We would keep you updated on the progress to make sure it meets your standards.

7. Subway/Public Ads

One common gift that many fan clubs do, is to purchase advertising space at a subway station close to an artist's agency, or at a popular station. It has become easier to get space these days, as there are many crowdfunding ad platforms that have become available. If you need a hard-to-get advertising spot, Wonderful can help make it happen.

8. Birthday-themed cafe

You can find a cafe in almost every corner of Korea. Why don't you make one of them dedicated to your favorite artist's birthday? We can help you from scratch, from renting a cafe to ordering customized cup sleeves, photo cards, and many more unique fan goods.

Most idol birthday gift requests take around 30-80 minutes to get done on average, but times can vary depending on your situation.

Regarding our pricing, we charge for the time taken working on your request by the minute, for as low as 1250 KRW per minute, depending on your preferred pricing package. There are NO processing fees when you pay us via bank wire transfer. (You will pay only the cost of the item(s)). When we charge your bank card, there is an 8.5% processing fee that goes to the payment processor for their services. We do NOT benefit from this fee. For more information regarding our pricing, please follow this link.

If interested in our services, you can reach us on Facebook, Kakao Talk or Email.

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