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Wonderful's Foreigner Adventures Blog

Updated: Mar 27, 2018

Foreigner Adventures was created to share insightful stories and ideas about being an expat in Korea. We have stories that cover finding the creature comforts of home, upcoming events, activities, and ways to improve your lifestyle while saving time so you can get the most out of living here. Our blog represents a sharing of ideas based on our client requests so you can get a glimmer into the lives of others to hopefully find inspiration to try new things.

We tend to feature foreigner centric topics and key in on the preferences of those of the international community - so you'll more likely hear us talking about discovering local farm fresh thanksgiving turkeys versus the many flavors of kimchi. We also try our best to feature international artists, concerts and activities that are most familiar to you. Every now and then we help explain how things are done differently in Korea in an attempt to enhance your experience of local services. We love Korea and have made a home here, but it's alright to miss the traditions, sounds and flavors your home country.

As Korea becomes more globalized and the number of foreigners continue to grow, this place keeps getting better. It's a fast paced environment and we like the changes! To keep up with everyone else we've made some updates to our page as well.

New for our blog in 2018 is a redesign. Now you can see all of our recent posts on one page, select categories of interest and also search topics quickly.

For more information about our virtual personal services please message us, check out our website or find us on Facebook.

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