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Love Is in The Air

Updated: Feb 5

As definitions of and boundaries between the traditional biologic genders have become more fluid, below gender assignments should be read in this light. How one identifies does not dictate when to purchase a gift for a significant other or to-be other. Wonderful is an inclusive and equal service operator that treats everyone respectfully and indiscriminately.

The two most romantic months in the calendar are upcoming in South Korea. Shops selling flowers, bakeries and every store will advertise the day with lots of gift boxes on display and it will be hard to miss that love is in the air!

On February 14th, South Korea celebrates Valentine's Day but not exactly in the same way as in Western countries. In South Korea, females give chocolates to males; they will quite often purchase elaborately gift-wrapped chocolate boxes or handmake chocolates themselves and write a handwritten card.

a heart shaped box of chocolates

In the week up to Valentine's Day, women and girls flock to Bangsan market in the heart of Seoul opposite Gwangjang market. Bangsan specializes in baking ingredients and sells high quality confectionary chocolates, molds, icing ingredients, toppings and professional equipment. The area is literally buzzing excitedly like a beehive two days before Valentine's Day and you can feel the love in the air. In recent years, the selection on sale has expanded to handmade candle making items and equipment too. Bangsan market also sells gift wrapping, gift boxes and custom made shopping bags.

Wonderful loves our clients and wants to spread the love in the air on Valentine’s Day, so we have partnered with three local expat owned businesses for a raffle. A huge thank you to MyboxSK, FlowergiftKorea and Brera for generously providing gifts for this event!

Photos of the prizes will be uploaded on Wonderful's Instagram on February 5th, 6th and 7th in the order shown below. Instagram is not affiliated with the raffle and Wonderful does not receive any form for compensation from any of the companies or Instagram.

February 5th: To enter the raffle for a beautiful, handcrafted Valentine’s Memory Box worth 38,000won from MyboxSK you must:

handmade box for Valentine's photos

  1. Follow Mybox_SK and Wonderful on Instagram and

  2. Like the photo of the box on Wonderful's Instagram, tag the person you want to make and save memories with.

  3. The winner must share a photo or video with the box on their social media and tag both companies in the post. 

A romantic bouquet of roses

February 6th: To have a chance to win a romantic bouquet of 12 roses* from FlowergiftKorea at a value of 51.000KRW to be delivered on February 14th, you must:

  1. Follow Flowergiftkorea and Wonderful on Instagram,

  2. Like the photo of the bouquet on Wonderful's Instagram and comment why you want to win and why the person should have it (you can tag the person but if it’s a surprise, you don’t need to).

  3. The winner must share a photo or video on their social media with the bouquet and the recipient (can be anonymous if the recipient doesn’t consent to show their face) and tag both companies. 

  4. The winner/recipient must be able to receive the bouquet on February 14th at a Seoul address before the end of our business hours at 8PM.

Entrance to an Italian restaurant in Seoul

February 7th: What is more romantic than a Valentine's dinner for two at Brera, the most authentic and famous Italian restaurant in Korea included in the Michelin Guide several years? It is certain that love will be in the air! The lucky winner can choose freely from the menu available and spend up to 150.000 won total**. The reservation in the winner’s name plus one will of course be taken care of.  Valid only on February 14th 2024! To have a chance to win this dinner for two and the ultimate romantic Valentine's celebration at Brera:

  1. Follow Brera and Wonderful on Instagram,

  2. Like the photo of Brera on Wonderful's Instagram,

  3. Tag, who you want to share the love in the air over a romantic dinner with and comment what the person means to you.

  4. The winner and companion must both submit reviews of Brera on Naver and Google (four reviews total) before departing the restaurant.

All three lucky winners will be drawn in a random raffle and announced with their Instagram handle on Thursday, February 8th 2024 at 4pm KST on Wonderful's Instagram.

General rules for all three raffles:

  1. To enter all three raffles, you must be a legal adult (turn 19 years in 2024),

  2. who is physically in Korea on February 14th 2024.

  3. The same conditions apply to the recipient/ person you tag.

  4. You must be a Wonderful client on the day you enter the raffle (Feb. 5th, 6th and 7th) until Valentine's, February 14th 2024.

  5. Email your Instagram handle and full name to after following and liking the photos of the items, you want to enter the raffle for. This must be received by us before Wednesday February 7th 2024 at 6PM.

  6. You will only be added to the raffle draw for the specific prize where you meet the conditions.

Wonderful takes care of delivery of the Valentine’s Box and the FlowergiftKorea bouquet of roses so the winners have the items on February 14th. Wonderful will contact the winners individually before February14th about the delivery ***.

Exactly one month later, on March 14th, South Korea celebrates White Day and on this day, males return the gift to females, who gave them chocolates on Valentine's Day.

jjanjangmyeong black noodles

Singles, who did not receive a gift on Valentine's Day or White Day the two previous months, gather and eat jjajangmyeon, black bean sauce noodles, on April 14th. The day is dubbed Black Day and used to be a somewhat sad occasion for singles but nowadays, fewer and fewer South Koreans opt to tie the knot and the number of single households is steadily on the rise making up nearly 10 million and being single is almost normalized in South Korea too.

Find more inspiration for these romantic dates in our previous blogs:

*The bouquet in the photo is only an example and the bouquet you can win has 12 roses.

**Any remaining value will not be refunded or exchanged to cash or vouchers and can not be saved to spend at a later time. Brera and Wonderful share the costs 50-50.

***All prizes in the raffle have generously been donated by the companies and can not be exchanged, refunded or replaced. Wonderful is not liable for the products or any outcomes thereof. This includes but is not limited to: allergic or other medical reactions, any differences between the products in the provided photos and the actual product or menu items and any use of the products.

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