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Platform Changdong 61: Upcoming Hub

Reposted with permission from Wendy Flor, visit her website for more stories like this.

Platform Changdong 61, South Korea

Two years ago, Platform Changdong 61 opened with a bright anticipation of bringing crowds as the new cultural hotspot in Northern Seoul. It is similar, but of smaller-scale, to Common Ground.

How has it been?

Unfortunately, the place seems to remain unknown.

I only got to know this place when I visited a friend living in Ssangmun-dong, Dobong-gu. I chose to go down the Changdong Station. Right out of Exit 1, this cluster of colorful containers attracts commuters.

Wendy Flor at Changdong 61

Platform Changdong 61 is a cluster of 61 colorful containers. It was hoped to create a new economic center on this side of town and put its attraction in Korean pop culture by staging shows and fan meet-ups.

Not much was happening when I visited the place with my friend. Probably because it was on an afternoon when everyone was still in their offices? But it was easy to see the place being filled up comes dusk when people would just love to relax and unwind.

Couples can have a beer or two while they allow their child to explore the English books at the English Book Lounge.

English Book Lounge

We talked with the lady managing the place. She is very amiable and welcoming so I wouldn’t hesitate to leave my sons here for an hour to browse through some English books on display.

There was also an on-going workshop in one of the containers when we were going around. And if you want to tap the Martha Stewart in you, this strikingly bright yellow container is the place to perfect your sewing skills.

Sewing Factory in South Korea

This place is a hotspot of various lifestyle activities catering to everyone. This is a good option if you want to explore beyond the central places that Seoul is known for.

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