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Give The Perfect Lunar New Year Gifts to Your Staff with Wonderful

new year fireworks and sparklers

2024 has just begun and South Korea is ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year already. 

This year, The Lunar New Year holiday starts February 9th until February 12th while the Lunar New Year day itself is on February 10th. 

For South Koreans, it is one of the most important holidays of the year where they travel to their hometowns to spend the holiday with family members.  Lots of traditional food like rice cake soup, Korean pan cakes and traditional snacks will be prepared and eaten together. Children bowing to their elderly receive an envelope with pocket money in return.  Showing your appreciation with a curated gift you give the perfect lunar new year gifts to your staff showing your appreciation with a curated gift may feel more personal.

traditional red Asian money gift envelope

There are strong cultural elements behind giving and receiving gifts in South Korea. South Korea has a give-and-take culture which is also reflected in the congratulatory money you give at weddings.  What you give out will be reciprocated at a later time. 

gift wrapped boxes champagne glasses

It has become one of the traditions that an employer gives a Lunar New Year gift to their employees including foreign staff. Typically, gift set boxes are very popular and supermarkets and department stores display gift sets of Korean beef, shampoo, fruits, spam and rice cakes. Most chains and stores will have readily packed gift sets featuring their products starting up to a month before the actual holiday begins.  So what is the perfect Lunar New Year gift for your staff, you may wonder?

If you are the employer of foreign staff, you do not necessarily need to follow Korean traditions and have more room to curate less traditional gifts. As foreigners have different cultures and religions it can be difficult to find gift boxed items as the perfect Lunar New Gift for your staff that will fit everyone’s taste, which can be a bit challenging but on the other hand, expats may have less expectations and may think of any Lunar New Year gift as perfect. Let Wonderful assist you find the perfect Lunar New Year gifts for your staff. We can research items, place the order and have the gifts wrapped and delivered to your office or another location of your choice.  

You may of course also consider purchasing our Employee Support Service Package providing your employees with hours of service time with Wonderful they can spend on any requests they may have, which we think is the most perfect Lunar New Year gift for your staff.

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