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Our clients want to make the most out of their time. Wonderful helps save time and provides access to things that might otherwise be difficult to manage. Just because you're in Korea, it doesn't mean you have to give up on creature comforts or settle for less.


Wonderful is your personal assistant so it's like having a secretary or new best friend. Our team is fully bilingual in both Korean and English. We can assist via chat messaging with making appointments, reservations, ordering items, providing troubleshooting for products and services we arrange, travel booking, and even getting tickets for the hottest concerts and events. Wonderful can also assist with more complicated research and administrative tasks. Our goal is to provide you with ease of mind and ultimate convenience.


  • "Please make a reservation at Mingles for me on Saturday night for 2 people."

  • "Schedule a vet appointment for Rover on Saturday at 3pm."

  • "Is my hairstylist available tomorrow afternoon?"

  • "It's my wife's birthday next Thursday, can you book a luxurious spa treatment?"

  • "Can someone pick up my dry cleaning?"

  • "I need an emergency dentist appointment. I chipped my tooth."


  • "Can you help me order a pepperoni pizza?"

  • "Here's my grocery list. Can you have it delivered this afternoon?"

  • "I need a new sofa and dining room set. Prefer modern style. Can you show me some suggestions?"

  • "Please send flowers to the hospital for my colleague."

  • "I want to order a new DVD player that's fully unlocked to all regions."

  • "I need toilet paper!"


  • "Can you help me find a housekeeper?"

  • "I locked my keys in my car, can you help me find a locksmith?"

  • "My air conditioner needs cleaning, can you find someone that can come as soon as possible?"

  • "Could you help me translate some documents and courier them to me?"

  • "Can you help me find a mover?"

  • "How can i get my car washed in my apartment garage? I saw a serviceman, but he can't speak English."


  • "Can you help me book a flight?"

  • "My family and I want to go to Jeju in September, can you help me find a pension for 4 people?"

  • "I'd like to book a car service to the airport leaving 5 am tomorrow morning please."

  • "We would like to go skiing, can you recommend a resort and package?"

  • "Can you help me book KTX train tickets please?"


  • "Can you get me 2 tickets to Ed Sheeran concert in Seoul?"

  • "I want 4 movie tickets for Saturday. Can you show me the seating options?"

  • "I need to see G-Dragon really badly, best tickets only please."

  • "Can you help me with tickets to the Jisan Rock Festival?"

  • "Where can I find information on getting tickets for the upcoming Olympics?"


  • "I need to get a document translated, can you help?"

  • "At 3pm I need a package picked up and delivered."

  • "Please order 4 boxes of A4 paper and have it delivered to our Gangnam office."

  • "Can you print business cards for me?"

  • "We need to order custom boxes to package our products."


 Wonderful Business Hours: 

10 a.m. to 8 p.m. KST - Monday to Saturday

Requests received outside of these times will be handled the next business day.

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