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Authentic Artisan Sourdough Bread in Korea Made Just Like they do in San Francisco

Bob’s Bread has partnered with Wonderful for the month of September to bring all of our Premium and Elite members a free slice of home. Our favorite baker Bob, will be sending his famous artisan sourdough rounds to share his authentic San Francisco quality bread to our active members. We'll be messaging you this month to schedule free deliveries!

If you’ve never had well-made sourdough bread before this will be a treat. For those who have missed eating real hearty sourdough (like us), Bob’s Bread offers the best wild yeast bread in Korea. It was one of our clients that introduced Bob’s Bread to us when she had us order it for her. And now we can’t stop ordering it for ourselves too.

Bob never compromises on his commitment to make sourdough bread with the natural yeast culture they have been cultivating in their kitchens since 2008. Their commitment to traditional methods and limiting the number of ingredients to only the essentials provides their customers with the best breads that can be found in the market today.

Bob’s Bread also offers a variety of other high quality products like sourdough wheat rounds, sourdough cranberry walnut bread, chocolate cranberry bread, ciabattas, brownies, banana breads, and corn breads. To see his whole menu, visit Wonderful can assist with ordering and even facilitate subscription bread deliveries.

Wonderful will continue to offer these kinds of curated special promotions from local businesses for our members to add more value on top of our virtual personal assistant services. To join or upgrade your membership, send us a message today.

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