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Allfin Delivers Nutrition Curated Healthy Pet Food in Korea

Slow Cooking Science of Sous Vide Food for Pets

Through the nutrition curation technology developed by the National Institute of Animal Science Korea and the consultation with the oriental medicine professionals, Allfin developed a fresh, nutritious pet food ‘Sous Vide 72’ prepared in the French sous-vide cooking technology for the first time in Korea. The sous-vide cooking is the cooking method in which the food is cooked in a water bath for up to 72 hours or more. It is the best nutrition preservation cooking science that allows the maximum absorption of nutrients for pets.

Pic 1. Allfin uses 100% fresh, organic, human-grade ingredients cooked in sous-vide method

Best Source of Immunity Enhancement & Balanced Diet for Pets

Sous Vide 72 designed formulas focused on the enhancement of your pet’s immune system. It also contains plant-based vegan probiotics eliminating gut bacteria, which will cure obesity and help your pets build a balanced diet.

Pic 2. Woof Wurst, a German style hand-made sausage, is every pet’s favorite dish


  • Excellent nutritional value!

Your pets will improve health and smile all day after eating our freshly cooked nutritious meals everyday ~

  • Human-grade ingredients!

We source 100% organic human-grade ingredients to provide the best premium quality pet food !

  • Healthier Results!

Low calorie herbal food cooked in sous vide method offers 3 core benefits : weight management, enhanced immune system and prevention for disease.

Pic 3. Dr. Calorie Balance, a freshly cooked, wholesome pet food, conveniently prepared for your pets

Happy Meal Time Together with Your Pets

Sous Vide72 believes what’s good for people is good for pets. Every meal is made with human-grade food to ensure that your pooches get perfectly balanced with fresh, natural, organic ingredients. Our recipe only uses the human-grade, non-GMO agricultural products, and GAP certified meat and poultry. You and your four-legged best friends will have a happy mealtime together enjoying the same sausage, hamburger, and even a beer together.

Pic 4. Happy Meal Time Together with Your Best Friend !

Allfin Online Store : http://sousvide72.kr

Office Hour: 9:00~18:00 (Weekend Off)

Various Meal Subscription & Pet Health Consultation Service Available!

Please contact us at Kakaoplus : @Sousvide72 or call us at +82 10 7267 7222 (WhatsApp)

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