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Discover the 5 Secrets of Professional Ticket Hunters to Secure Your Spot for Enhypen's Big FATE Finale in Seoul (24th/25th)! Limited Slots – Get Ready!


Enhypen's Fate World Tour Finale is coming to an end in Seoul on the 24th and 25th of February.

Venue: KSPO Dome

Application Period: Fanclub pre-sale on February 1st & general sale on the 2nd

Discover the 5 secrets of the Pro Ticket Hunters to secure your spot


Lagging Korean websites, mouse destroyed from the absurd amount of finger-clicking, and sleepless nights...only for a slim shot of grabbing a ticket.

We saw it for Blackpink; we saw it for BTS. It's a disaster. Within a few minutes ALL the tickets sold out.

For Expats and travelers in Korea, without insider information, the chances of getting a ticket to those highly demanded concerts are slim to none.

But don't worry, Ticket Hunters have summarized for you the top 5 secret tips of boosting your chances and securing a spot for the Enhypen concert.

Let's dive into it!


1. Familiarize yourself with all ticket-selling platforms.

Concert organizers often divide seats among various websites, so it's crucial to check multiple platforms. Key sites to monitor are Interpark, Yes24, Melon, Auction, Ticket Link, and Ticket Bay.

Consider bookmarking these for quick access later.

Enhypen Ticket Seller

Interpark Ticket

*Secret Pro Tips:

Dive into ENGENE, Enhypen's official fan community. There you might chance upon exclusive pre-sales or discounts.

Best Community Groups


Keep an eye on Enhypen's official website as well, as it could be the gateway to VIP access.

While bookmarking those mainstream sites, don't overlook the potential treasure trove within Enhypen's official platforms.

Your front-row ticket dreams might just materialize through this secret passageway.


2. Understand how each website works.

Each one is different, and while some automatically activate when the sale starts, others need refreshing to begin.

Create accounts in advance.

It’s going to take time to set up an account because a lot of these websites require secondary authentication.

This has to be done in advance, so you don’t waste any precious time trying to remember your password like a maniac.

*Secret Pro Tips

Choose the wire payment method. 

But only do this if you have a local Korean bank account (it's not possible with foreign/global accounts).

Choosing this payment method is helpful if you are still trying on other websites for better seats or are hoping to buy more tickets.

This gives you the chance to go through the payment process later, so you don’t have to waste time at checkout immediately.

Use Timeanddate to sync to the website's clock.

This website shows the time according to the ticket sellers. So, for example, if Melon’s servers are 5 seconds ahead of yours, you’ll always be late to the game. You can keep track of the time difference and refresh according to the accurate time.


3. Preparation is your best friend.

Have multiple computers and screens. 

If the tickets are being sold on more than one site, it’s a good idea to try and buy them on all of the sites at the same time. If you fail on one site place, you may succeed on another.

Simply pull out all the devices available to you – scratch that, even ask your grandma to lend you her phone. She'll understand the urgency when it comes to Enhypen.

*Secret Pro Tips:

When you’re competing against bots and Koreans who have super-human power, it's really important to simply imitate that power by going to a PC Bang or internet café. These places are rigged for gamers, so the fastest connections can be found here.


4. Practice buying tickets. 

Sounds weird, right? But if it’s your first time, or if the website is not in English and your Korean isn’t that good, you will immediately understand why taking a look in advance is necessary.

Practice makes perfect. You don’t want to make a mistake when it comes time to buying the tickets you really want.

*Secret Pro Tips

Don’t go for the best seats. 

Scan for seats beyond the front row. Prime seats sell out rapidly and you might lose the chance to snag a ticket altogether. Unless you're a seasoned pro or highly confident in your skills, aim for seats a bit further back or off to the side. You don't need to search for a seat outside the stadium; just aim for two or three rows behind the prime spots.

This is why preparation is crucial – it helps you develop intuition about which seats are highly fought for and which are equally good, but not sold out as quickly.

Checkout Process

Tip 1

Clicking on the "Buy Tickets" button first without choosing the date to join the queue faster

Tip 2

Before checkout, you have to fill out these details:

  • Name

  • Birthdate

  • email and phone number

Get those as well prepared

Selecting the Seat

If your goal is to just get a seat, pros would advise you to look on the outer sides of the two lines.

The more experienced you get with the system, the more you can risk going to the inside.

Check back later. If you were unsuccessful at getting any tickets, you may have a second chance later. Unpaid tickets will automatically get canceled after a certain amount of time and will be available for sale again. This usually happens during the middle of the night, so set your alarm clock!


5. Check out third parties

Got unlucky this time? No worries, the race is not yet over. Hope is still alive.  

You can always find something on reseller websites like Ticketbay. Unfortunately, you’ll have to expect to pay more for them, but getting up close to your idol may definitely be worth it.

*Secret Pro Tips

Don’t go for the cheapest option. When you are shopping on third-party seller websites, it's highly likely that the cheap tickets will get canceled and resold to a higher bidder. It sucks and it's not fair, but there are people who make a business out of it. You’ll most likely get your money back, but end up wasting time trying to repurchase from a different seller.

Pick tickets that were recently posted for sale. Sometimes resellers will have already sold their tickets elsewhere and have not updated it on the site. It’s crappy because if you buy these tickets, they may not cancel your sale until much later, giving you less chances of finding good replacement tickets.

*Pro Tip #1 - Shortcut and use a pro.

You have two options now:

Option #1:

Memorize what you've learned and continue your day.

But you better get to work on preparing for the nightmares of getting the tickets.

Struggling with payment glitches with a foreign bank account, wrestling with account creation, browsing through the slow and confusing Korean websites, and still probably failing like everyone doing it for the first time.


Option #2:

Might as well just pay the same amount for the tickets, but letting professional Ticket Hunters do what they do best.

Regarding our easy time pricing, we charge only for the time taken working on your request by the minute, for as low as 1250 KRW ($1.15 USD) per minute.

Why Wonderful's Ticket Hunters:

1. Instant Assistance:

  • Say goodbye to waiting. Message us and our live, on-demand assistant jumps into action instantly – ensuring your needs.

2. Specify Your Needs:

  • No more complexity. Just share the concert details, date, desired tickets, and your seating preference. Sit back, relax – we're on it!

3. Zero Effort Guarantee:

  • Delegate the ticket-hassle to us – your personal ticket maestros. We handle the mess for you with over 9 years of experience.

4. Absolute Money Guarantee:

  • Your hard-earned money deserves protection. Rest easy with our guarantee, ensuring the security of your remaining deposit – a worry-free ticketing experience.

5. Cancel Anytime:

  • We value your freedom. Cancel or withdraw anytime, no questions asked. Your satisfaction is our priority with no strings attached.


How to Reach Us: 

Contact us effortlessly by clicking on one of the following:


Don't miss out on ENHYPEN. They are waiting for YOU.

It might be your only opportunity, so let professionals help you out with this experience.

Get in touch with us and let's secure your tickets without a headache!

Bonus for the people who read so far:

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